The Moya Money’s new website has been launched. Moya Money was officially founded in March 2021 by Thulani Masebenza and Sabica Pardesi both 25 at the time. Moya Money is an intuitive, efficient, and empowering financial app for freelancers and businesses.

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While the co-founders operate globally, based in both South Africa and the UK they bring a breath of fresh air in the financial world. Since 2021 the product and brand has evolved extensively, striving to be an innovative and playful financial platform with the modern freelancers and forward-thinking businesses in mind.

Born from a background of creative freelancing, Moya Money is not your typical finance app. It reflects their love for modernity and state-of-the-art design, while embodying simplicity and hassle-free features. The platform is designed to streamline and simplify tasks, saving users valuable time.


What makes Moya Money a unique tool, is that it’s built with freelancers in mind. It is a quick and easy freelancer management App for businesses which streamlines invoices and payouts to freelancers. Empowering freelancers on invoicing, income tracking and making informed decisions.

“We wanted to solve a problem we had experienced ourselves.” – Sabica, P. COO of Moya Money

The startup has been recognised for making strides in the fintech world. Shortly after launching, they secured their first Angel investor and were selected to take part in the global fintech incubator Tenity (formerly known as the F10 incubation program in Spain) as the first South African startup.


2023 was a big year for the startup receiving significant recognition both domestically and abroad:

  • In February, Moya Money was selected as one of 29 startups from 11 countries across Africa to participate in the Multichoice Africa Accelerator.
  • In April, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that Moya Money were 1 out of 25 startups selected for its first ‘fintech in Africa’ accelerator
  • In June, Co-founder **Thulani Masebenza** was honoured with the prestigious M&G top 200 award.
  • In July, 2023 the company were 1 of 10 fintech startups to secure a significant business investment with The World Bank

What truly sets Moya Money apart is its commitment to collaboration and the sustainable distribution of wealth in the South African economy. The brand emphasises on the importance of self-employment and seeks to empower it’s users to create their own financial success stories.

“Our ambition is to impact a million people through our business. We hope to do this by leading and influencing our community, app users, and the creative landscape that’s yet to recognise its full potential.” Sabica, P. COO of Moya Money

Join Moya Money in their journey of transforming how businesses and freelancers manage their finances.


We would encourage your users to learn more about Moya Money and to join our waitlist for the app release here:

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