eLearning Africa, the continent’s main conference and exhibition on digital learning, training and development of digital skills, will hold its 2024 edition from 29 to 31 May in Kigali, Rwanda. Co-organized by the Rwandan Ministry of Education, this pivotal event promises to be an unprecedented gathering of experts, educators, policy makers, business leaders and innovators from across Africa and elsewhere. Emphasis will be placed not only on education, but also on crucial aspects of training and skills development.

This year’s theme, “Education as a driver of innovation and investment as a catalyst for skills: Africa’s rapid evolution”, highlights the crucial role of education, investment and innovation in reshaping Africa’s future. Offering more than 72 sessions and workshops, eLearning Africa 2024 is a strong platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration between various sectors, including basic and higher education, vocational training, work-based learning and throughout life, with a particular focus on capacity building in key areas such as RI, AI, TVET, tourism, health, agriculture and other key industries for Africa’s development.

In this regard, Ms. Claudette Irere, Minister of State for ICT and TVET, said: “There is now a growing need for a mixed learning mode to promote wider access to quality education and the resilience of education systems, so as to prepare all learners to the technological revolution of the 21ste century, and beyond. “We’re here to help.”

The eLearning Africa 2024 exhibition is the networking space that brings together the leading African and international companies and institutions operating in the fields of education, training and technology. It illustrates the full spectrum of EdTech innovation: fun learning applications, online tracking tools, leading learning management systems, augmented reality devices, content providers, explanatory videos. It also brings together experienced publishers, pioneers in educational materials. This diverse and comprehensive mix meets all learning or training needs of the education sector, businesses and state actors, making the exhibition a hub of attraction for EdTech buyers, analysts and investors.


Rebecca Stromeyer, CEO and founder of eLearning Africa, describes the importance of the event as follows: “eLearning Africa 2024 reaffirms the continent’s commitment to adopting digital technologies to revolutionize education and skills development. By fostering cross-sectoral collaborations, we aim to drive innovation in digital learning, empowering young Africans to make them leaders in the digital age. “We’re here to help.”

The conference will consist of two extraordinary plenary sessions, streamlined to summarize the transformative impact of technology integration into education. The opening session will highlight the capacity for strategic investments in education to foster innovation and strengthen skills development, thereby contributing to the achievement of African Union Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals. The second plenary session will focus on strategies to transform education, training and skills development, highlighting the role of digital innovation in training the future workforce.

Keynote speakers include Mr Gaspard Twagirayezu (Minister of Education of Rwanda), Ms Laila Macharia (Africa Initiative, Kenya), Mr Frank van Cappelle (UNICEF) and Mr Michael Onyango (programme developer at 4BM).


In view of the expected record attendance of participants from Africa and around the world, eLearning Africa 2024 is positioned as a pivotal event, defining the trajectory of digital education on the continent.

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