Future of Finance and Trade in Africa conference is linking Africa’s growth by uniting its diaspora with that of the U.S. and those doing business in Africa.

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In today’s evolving era of technological progress and growing global uncertainties, George Washington University is taking the lead with an upcoming conference that aims to make a significant impact. This important gathering will bring together a group of leaders including Central Bank Governors, CEOs, pioneers in digital technology and esteemed academics. The main focus? Addressing the challenges facing Africa while highlighting policies and initiatives that are set to transform systems across the continent.

The conference as described in its introduction pledges to delve into topics such as emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and climate finance. Its primary objective is to showcase solutions that African banks and financial institutions can leverage to promote economic growth that benefits everyone. The overarching aim is crystal clear; mobilize resources for the advancement of nations and their people steering them towards a future defined by prosperity and stability.

In a conversation with Mr. Kafuti Talahumbu, Associate Director of Corporate Partnerships, at GW University further insights were shared about the vision driving this seminar forward.


The Future of Finance and Trade in Africa conference is holding April 17, 2024 inside The City View Room, Washington DC with theme: ‘Harnessing Emerging Technologies and Financial Innovation for Inclusive Growth.’ The event is holding through the collaborative efforts of the George Washington University School of Business, the Growth Dialogue, the Institute for International Economic Policy (IIEP) at the Elliott School of International Affairs, and Believe in Africa.

Talahumbu emphasized the significance of this seminar, in offering perspectives on the growth opportunities that different financing options can unlock for Africa’s potential. His insights reflect a dedication not to envisioning a better future for Africa but also to actively working towards making it a reality.

What makes this conference stand out as highlighted by Talahumbu is its strategy of linking Africa’s growth by uniting its diaspora with that of the U.S. and those doing business in Africa. This strategic approach brings forward seasoned entrepreneurs like Evelyn Lewis from SBTS Group. With decades of experience in Africa, Lewis is now spearheading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) clusters aimed at generating employment opportunities for youth across the continent on scale. The goal? To expand individuals and businesses to tap into growth avenues in the BPO market, which is projected to surpass $750 billion in less thana decade. Africa’s role in this chain is vital calling for the empowerment of entrepreneurs currently held back by financial support systems.


Pointing out the conferences features Talahumbu mentioned, “We are introducing Isaac Barnes, an African American Technology Entrepreneur whose recent $14 billion triumph in the Technology sector in the United States and expansion, into Africa has the potential to unite Africa’s growth prospects from its diaspora through meaningful business collaborations.”

The seminar also brings in a key figure in former Ghanaian President, and current presidential candidate, John Mahama who will be doing a fireside chat about his experiences and what it will take to unlock Africa’s current economic impasse.

The conference plays a role, in strengthening collaboration across continents promoting a common purpose and coordinated action.


Participants can look forward to a variety of discussions and panels featuring a range of speakers, including members of the U.S. Congress, World Bank officials, Finance Ministers, Central Bank Governors and leaders in private equity and other finance instruments for funding growth. Each session aims to explore opportunities for developed economies to boost trade and investment in the region for gain while bringing together policymakers and practitioners with a shared objective of advancing Africa’s development.

This conference goes beyond being an event; it serves as a catalyst for change in an arena for ideas and a call to action for those dedicated, to empowering Africa economically. As George Washington University hosts this gathering of intellects, the message is unequivocal; the time to work towards Africa’s future is now. Come join us in shaping the destiny of a continent where technological progress and financial ingenuity pave the path for an more prosperous Africa.



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