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Chairman of Zinox Technologies Limited, Leo Stan Ekeh, has advised entrepreneurs to focus on their vision to provide unique life-changing solutions and not be distracted by blackmailers or competitors keen on undermining their market presence.

Success attracts envy, the more you rise, the more you attract enemies, Ekeh, an innovation, technology giant, and serial entrepreneur told the media during a virtual interaction at the weekend.

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The founder of the Zinox Group has had to contend with a rash of court cases and sponsored media attacks he described as ‘best to not put at the centre of your vision.”


Corporate blackmailing and bewildering court cases are part and parcel of successful enterprises and entrepreneurs. What is important is to stay focused and not be distracted, the tech mogul stressed.

The Zinox Chairman and the Federal Government are currently entangled in a court case involving one Benjamin Joseph, owner of Citadel Oracle Concepts Limited, an Ibadan-based ICT retail firm and purported accuser of Ekeh, for malicious falsehood over an alleged N170m fraud. It has been a long drawn case of libel and criminal charge for false petitioning for which Joseph is currently facing prosecution.

“Ekeh, also Chairman of Konga, is often referenced as Nigeria’s most important statement in the indigenous computer hardware industry”

Joseph is also facing charges for false information after accusing Ekeh of fraudulently converting a contract awarded to his firm by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) in 2012.


For Ekeh, the court cases and ‘media blackmailing’ signpost the challenges of managing businesses not just in Nigeria but anywhere in the world. The likes of Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg have a horde of cases against their persons and against their corporate enterprises. But the corporate vision must stay strong to the original mission, Ekeh, a major influencer and mentor of several startups, said.

Often referenced as Nigeria’s most important statement in the indigenous computer hardware industry, Ekeh, also Chairman of Konga, manages a conglomerate that includes e-commerce, oil, ICT, property and banking among others.

Over two decades ago, the relentless pioneer of many entrepreneurial initiatives altered the newsroom for good with his introduction of smart, digital technology allowing newspaper companies, advertising agencies and printing firms reworked their output with better speed and enhanced quality production. He had also pioneered other services and solutions to give Zinox and its sister companies head start over the competitor.

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