The Tezza Academy, Nigeria and Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) Ghana have announced plans for partnership to drive knowledge and talent exchange, research advancements, and cultural understanding between the two institutions.

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During a recent visit to Nigeria, Professor Clement Dzidonu, President of AIT, had the opportunity to explore the Tezza Academy’s facility. He was warmly welcomed by the Tezza team, including Mr. Jide Modele, Equity Partner; Mr. Jide Adams, Managing Director; and Mr. Damilare Dairo, Facility Manager.

Prof. Clement Dzidonu described the academy as a fitting model for instilling industry-required skills into young people especially graduates of tertiary institutions who are often not well-kitted by their academic background to the relentlessly changing dynamics of the workplace.

Prof. Dzidonu speaking after a facility tour of the academy in Lagos said a partnership could open opportunities for the two organisations in both countries leading to internships, job opportunities for students and graduates as well as industry-sponsored projects to address one of the growing challenges on the continent for closing knowledge gaps and nurturing highly skilled IT professionals across sectors.

Tezza Academy tackling drain of IT professionals

According to Managing Partner at Tezza Academy, Jide Modele, the academy has committed to tackling the drain of highly skilled IT professionals, locally referred to as the ‘jakpa syndrome’ by “discovering, equipping, and training self-motivated youths in conjunction with our global partners in specialised IT disciplines.”

Modele said by retaining talented individuals and providing them with cutting-edge IT skills and opportunities, the Academy seeks to transform the brain drain into brain gain thus contributing significantly to Nigeria’s Global Value Chains (GVCs) as an important human capital export nation.

Tezza Academy offers free tuition and residency programmes empowering young Nigerians with high-end IT skills and ensuring job placements upon completion of a three-month intensive training. Since 2020, the Academy has been forging partnerships and delivering high skill sets required across sectors locally and offshore allowing trainees to absorbed into client sites in a way that effectively address unemployment and employability challenges in Nigeria.


Established in 2009, the Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) is an independent technology-focused research university based in Accra, Ghana. Modeled on internationally recognized institutes like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, AIT is consistently ranked among Africa’s tech-focused universities.

AIT wants Tezza initiative in Accra

Dzidonu, a professor of Computer Science, expressed keen interest in introducing a Tezza initiative in Accra while laying the groundwork for a potential partnership with Tezza Academy in a way that allows AIT to leverage its well-regarded status and vast network in Ghana to facilitate placements for program graduates.

According to him the AIT will, among other things, explore a Ghanaian Immersive Program in Accra with the same class size as Tezza Academy’s current cohort; and work out placement facilitation in recognition of the challenges faced by university-taught programs in engaging graduates.


Strategic alliance to connect brightest talents in Ghana and Nigeria

The strategic alliance aims to connect the brightest talents from various universities in Ghana to Tezza Academy’s immersive program, ensuring career pathways for young professionals. This exchange program could further promote cultural diversity and provide students with a broader perspective on technology and innovation in different contexts within Ghana and Nigeria, Dzidonu added.

The collaboration also envisions providing entrepreneurship support for student entrepreneurs to strengthen the development of startup incubation programs and access to funding opportunities for innovative projects.

Tezza Academy is promoted by Tezza Business Solutions, a leading B2B IT and Business Consulting company bridging the gap between clients and exceptional local talents across Africa.

L-R: Mr. Jide Adams, Managing Director, Tezza; Prof. Clement Dzidonu, AIT; and Jide Modele, Equity Partner, Tezza

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