Officials of NDPC, NSDPA and ALDAPCON at the landmark ceremony

In a significant move to enhance data protection compliance and awareness across Nigeria, the Nigeria Stakeholders for Data Protection Awareness (NSDPA) and the Association of Licensed Data Protection Compliance Organisations of Nigeria (ALDAPCON) have signed a landmark memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Abuja. The ceremony took place this week at the office of the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC).

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This MoU aims to bolster compliance with data protection regulations and standards, with NSDPA finalizing awareness campaigns in various states. Additionally, the partnership seeks to enhance public trust in data protection practices, increase education on data protection rights and responsibilities, and improve coordination in advocating for data protection policies and regulations.

MoU crucial to helping government bodies and private companies comply with data protection laws nationwide

The NDPC, the statutory body regulating data protection in Nigeria, hosted the ceremony. NSDPA, comprising members from the media, academia, government, and private sectors, focuses on raising awareness about the importance of data protection in empowering citizens within the digital economy. ALDAPCON represents Data Protection Compliance Organisations (DPCOs) licensed by the Commission to ensure data controllers, including public and private entities managing citizens’ data, adhere to data protection laws.


The MoU is crucial in helping both government bodies and private companies comply with data protection laws nationwide. This agreement enables strategic collaboration between NSDPA and ALDAPCON to carry out a national awareness campaign across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones and all 36 states, including Abuja.

Dr. Vincent Olatunji, the National Commissioner of the NDPC, expressed confidence that this collaboration will promote data protection awareness to the benefit of all stakeholders. “The purpose of the gathering is to strengthen the data protection ecosystem,” said Dr. Olatunji, represented by Adamma Isamade Esq., Acting Head of the Legal & Enforcement Department.

Delmwa Gogwim, representing NSDPA, emphasized that the MoU will facilitate the sharing of expertise and knowledge to advance data protection compliance and best practices. She highlighted the project’s goal to raise public awareness about citizens’ data protection rights and measures they can take to secure their data. She described the initiative as a stakeholder-driven venture, achievable through the support of ALDAPCON and NDPC for the benefit of Nigeria.


Mr. Alvin Anya, Chairman of ALDAPCON, noted that Nigerians are the ultimate beneficiaries of this collaboration, as they live and operate within the country’s data protection ecosystem under NDPC’s statutory purview. He underscored that one of ALDAPCON’s strategic pillars is raising awareness and believes the collaboration with NSDPA will enhance DPCOs’ outreach to states and communities, particularly through communication in different Nigerian dialects.

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