Dr. Vincent Olatunji, the National Commissioner/CEO of the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC), underscored the pivotal role of data protection in Nigeria’s digital economy during the pre-launch ceremony of the National Privacy Awareness Campaign at the ’50 Most Valuable Personalities in Nigeria’s Digital Economy Conference & Award’ in Lagos.

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Emphasizing the importance of raising awareness on data protection, Dr. Olatunji highlighted the NDPC’s commitment to educating citizens, enabling compliance with the Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023. He stressed the necessity for collaboration with stakeholders such as the Nigerian Stakeholders for Data Protection Awareness (NSDPA), urging support from associations like the Association of Licensed Data Protection Organisations of Nigeria (ALDAPCON) to deepen awareness across corporate Nigeria and rural communities.

Sani Ahmed Yaro, Zonal Coordinator of NSDPA, outlined plans for a national campaign aimed at disseminating the message of data privacy to every Nigerian. He was represented by Delmwa Gofwim, a senior executive of the NSDPA.


Ivan Anya, Chairman of ALDAPCON, echoed the significance of awareness in enhancing the effectiveness of licensed Data Protection Compliance Organizations (DPCOs) in fulfilling their statutory roles.

Opportunities For Young People in Digital Economy

Prof. Nentawe Goshwe Yilwatda who delivered a presentation on ‘Nigeria’s Digital Economy and Opportunities For Young People,’ highlighting the transformative potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) for Nigeria. He underscored opportunities for young entrepreneurs in sectors like e-commerce, fintech, and digital content creation, emphasizing the need to prepare youths for the digital economy.

He said Nigeria can unlock the transformative power of its digital economy and position itself as a global leader in this rapidly evolving space by investing in youths and digital infrastructures.


Nnamani: five myths associated with Nigeria’s digital economy

Additionally, Ike Nnamani, CEO of Digital Realty Nigeria, challenged policymakers and stakeholders to address myths surrounding Nigeria’s digital economy. While acknowledging the country’s accelerated digitization, Nnamani urged a focus on facts rather than misconceptions to drive progress and shared prosperity. He identified five myths associated with Nigeria’s digital economy, calling for concerted efforts to overcome them.

Overall, the forum provided insights into the critical role of data protection, opportunities for youth empowerment, and the imperative of addressing myths to propel Nigeria’s digital economy forward.

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