Metazoa, the leading provider of administrative tools for Salesforce, announces the launch of Intelligent Assistant on the Salesforce AppExchange.  This innovative product includes Metadata Studio, a prompt engineering platform, and Intelligent Search, an administrative thinking partner.

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These new tools give Metazoa customers the ability to virtually expand their administrative headcount using artificial intelligence. This one-two punch represents the most significant use of AI on the Salesforce platform to date.

Metadata Studio is a prompt engineering platform (PEP) that seamlessly integrates AI with customer metadata. The use of grounding data, best practices, and few-shot learning make these prompts practical workhorses capable of solving difficult administrative problems. Examples include coding Apex Classes, documenting Flows, building Validation Rules, writing SOQL Filters, and creating Formula Fields. Metadata Studio helps customers manage their prompts through the software development lifecycle (SDLC) as well.

Metadata Studio comes with over 100 ready-made prompts that customers can use immediately or customize for their own purposes. Metadata Studio also allows prompt engineers to build their own prompts to share with team members. This practice helps guide the productive use of AI in accord with best practices and corporate standards. Metadata Studio includes the Metazoa Prompt Exchange, where users can share prompts with the Salesforce Community. Each prompt on the exchange is carefully tested to ensure secure and reliable operation.


“With Metadata Studio, I meticulously analyzed more than 20 flows. This tool not only pinpointed areas of improvement in line with best practices but also offered comprehensive summaries of each flow’s functionality. Furthermore, I leverage Metadata Studio for new flows, streamlining the documentation process” says EJ Bantz, Salesforce Consultant for Dewwow.

Intelligent Search is an administrative thinking partner (ATP) that can answer any kind of technical question that an administrator might have about their org. This AI powered oracle can focus on data, metadata, or best practices. Relevant grounding data from the org can be manually selected or automatically included as part of the interactive chat.

During the discussion, the ATP might return Apex Code, XML Metadata, or CSV Reports that were requested by the administrator. These documents can be easily saved to the desktop. Likewise, the administrator can introduce documents for the Intelligent Assistant to review. The combination of deep knowledge about Salesforce and rapid access to relevant metadata makes the Intelligent Assistant an indispensable member of any administrative team.


We are working with customers to automate day-to-day org management scenarios with AI. This is a revolutionary game-changer for them and for us.”  – Jennifer Mercer, CEO of Metazoa

Metazoa currently publishes three Solution Centers on the AppExchange, including: Technical Debt Center, Org Document Center, and Org Security Center. Now Intelligent Assistant will join the other Solution Centers with a freemium pricing model. Metazoa’s flagship product Snapshot includes all of these capabilities and more.

Metazoa will demonstrate their AI powered solutions at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference on September 12th and 14th in San Francisco. You can join them for a cocktail evening celebrating the future of AI in Salesforce administration at the American Bookbinders Museum, located at 355 Clementine Street in San Francisco. There will be live demos of the new products alongside complimentary appetizers and cocktails.


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