Zoom has introduced a new AI Companion as part of its platform, aimed at enhancing productivity during meetings.

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This AI assistant incorporates several innovative features, including:

Automatic Meeting Summaries

Upon joining a meeting, Zoom now provides a rapid overview of the discussion’s progress.


Contextual Chat Responses

The AI Companion enables users to compose chat responses with appropriate tone and context awareness.

Real-time Transcriptions and Translations


During live calls, Zoom offers real-time transcription and translation services to facilitate communication across language barriers.

Meeting Recaps

Attendees receive concise meeting recaps as they enter the virtual gathering, ensuring everyone is up to speed.


Intelligent Meeting Recordings

The AI system intelligently organizes meeting recordings, highlighting key points for easier reference.

Action Item Generation

After the meeting concludes, the AI generates action items for each participant, streamlining follow-up tasks.

Notably, this AI Companion is accessible to Zoom subscribers at no additional cost.

Globally known for its function as a video conferencing application designed primarily for business purposes. The app was stablished by Eric Yuan in 2011, and was officially introduced to the market in January 2013.

Although it had gained substantial recognition and achieved profitability in subsequent years, Zoom experienced a significant surge in global awareness during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. It became the preferred communication platform for individuals worldwide during the lockdown measures implemented to curb the virus’s transmission.

According to https://www.businessofapps.com/data/zoom-statistics/ Zoom generated $4.3 billion revenue in 2022, an 7.3% increase year-on-year. This was in addition the 213,000 enterprise customers it had in 2022.

Additionally, data presented by BuyShares.com, reported that Zoom hit a record high quarterly revenue of $882.5 million in Q4 FY 2021, almost a 370% increase year-over-year.

Zoom also hints at forthcoming features such as email assistance and scheduling capabilities.

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