The latest innovation from Vodacom Congo, through its M-Pesa brand, which has been promoting financial inclusion in the DRC for over 10 years, has resulted in a partnership agreement with Water Distribution Company – the Régie de Distribution d’Eau de la République Démocratique du Congo (REGIDESO) for the greater benefit of all Congolese. M-Pesa is extending its payment facilitation service, now offering REGIDESO subscribers the choice of paying their bills by M-Pesa, where they are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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VODACASH’s M-Pesa platform continues to play a fundamental role in promoting financial inclusion in the DRC. M-Pesa has enabled previously unbanked or underbanked people to access financial services by leveraging mobile technology. This inclusion enables people to participate more actively in the economy, making transactions and saving money through M-PESA, thereby contributing to economic growth.

“At times like this end of the month, being late or not paying bills can lead to water supply interruption and many other harmful consequences. The inability to pay water bills is a situation that many Congolese face occasionally. The constraints associated with long queues and the remoteness of collection points can lead to delays in bill payment. M-Pesa’s innovation comes at just the right time, responding to a felt need by enabling Congolese people to pay their water bills anytime, anywhere. Bill payment becomes even easier with M-Pesa”, said Jean Kabongo, Operations Manager at VODACASH.

M-Pesa continues to facilitate commercial transactions in the DRC and has become a preferred payment method for businesses involved in various sectors in the DRC. By offering the convenience of a secure and practical platform for financial transactions, M-Pesa enables large companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to engage more effectively in e-commerce. As a financial lever, M-PESA improves productivity, encourages entrepreneurship, and stimulates economic activity.


M-Pesa has become a powerful catalyst enabling Congolese businesses, particularly SMEs, to survive and thrive in a competitive landscape. By offering a seamless and secure mobile payment platform, M-Pesa has revolutionized the way businesses conduct transactions, eliminating the barriers of distance, time, and infrastructure. Congolese SMEs can now accept electronic payments effortlessly, expand their customer base and access new business opportunities.

“As our customers get a taste of digital tools, they mature the desire to be able to shop on fully digitized platforms, which is why we’re seeing e-commerce starting to grow in the DRC,” said Hashim Mukudi, Managing Director of VODACASH.

In addition, M-Pesa innovations play a crucial role in promoting financial inclusion by bridging the gap between the formal and informal economy.


Through its affordable financial services, M-Pesa empowers entrepreneurs and individuals previously underserved by the traditional banking system, paving the way for economic growth, stability, and prosperity. Through its transformative impact, M-Pesa is shaping a dynamic and inclusive digital business ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurship and propels the Congolese economy forward.

“M-PESA understands the essential role that SMEs are called to play in stimulating economic growth and job creation in the DRC. To this end, M-PESA will continue to support Congolese entrepreneurs and individuals in the DRC to create and develop their businesses,” said Hashim MUKUDI, Managing Director of VODACASH.

“We are proud to support SMEs. Our goal is to position M-PESA as the go-to brand for Congolese entrepreneurs looking to thrive in today’s digital economy,” said Patricia Katshabala, Executive Head of External Affairs.


M-PESA offers entrepreneurs reliable and accessible ways to receive payments, manage their finances and access instant micro-credit through services such as M-Pesa Rallongeonge. M-Pesa Rallonge is an exciting innovation from M-Pesa, born out of a partnership with Access Bank and designed to offer greater convenience and flexibility to its users who are short of cash in their e-wallets. Thanks to M-Pesa Rallonge, customers can complete their transactions by requesting an instant loan, guaranteeing them uninterrupted access to a range of services of their choice, including cable TV channels and purchasing communication airtime or internet packages. Through its outreach, M-pesa’s support for entrepreneurship has an impact on job creation, income growth and economic self-sufficiency.

“Vodacash’s innovative technology and digital payment solutions are contributing to the development of the digital ecosystem in the DRC. By promoting electronic transactions and reducing dependence on cash, M-Pesa improves the flow of financial transactions, transparency, and security. It also promotes e-commerce, digital entrepreneurship, and thus the overall development of a digital ecosystem,” said Khalil-Al-Americani, Managing Director of Vodacom Congo and Chairman of the VODACASH Board of Directors.

Through its subsidiary VODACASH, VODACOM Congo is convinced that public-private partnerships will undeniably contribute to the development of infrastructure, the accessibility of services and the improvement of living standards in the DRC. Building on VODACOM Congo’s national coverage over the 145 territories outlined in the National Strategic Development Plan supported by H.E. the President of the Republic of the DRC, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi; VODACASH is actively seeking strategic partnerships with various stakeholders in the DRC to stimulate economic development. Partnerships with government institutions, financial institutions, service providers and parastatals, such as the partnership with REGIDESO, enable the expansion of M-Pesa products and access to essential services by the largest possible number of people.

In conclusion, VODACASH’s M-Pesa brand is making a substantial contribution to the economic development of the DRC. This innovation proves the company’s firm commitment to empowering Congolese people and the country’s economic success. Thanks to this platform for innovation and collaboration, Congolese businesses now have access to many of the tools and support they need to thrive in today’s highly competitive business environment.

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