VodaCash, in partnership with Access Bank, has launched its new M-Pesa Rallonge service. A press conference was held at Silikin Village, before the official launch of the new service. Pamela Ilunga, Deputy CEO of Vodacom Congo, and Hashim Mukudi, CEO of VodaCash, were present alongside Access Bank Commercial Director Adrien Chensham Mbele.

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With the M-Pesa Extension service, M-Pesa simplifies the process of financial inclusion for all while improving living conditions. Currently, more than 20% of daily transactions are cancelled due to an insufficient balance. For customers, this can be a frustrating situation, especially in emergency situations.

In her opening speech, Pamela Ilunga, Deputy CEO of Vodacom Congo, said: “M-Pesa has come a long way since her introduction in 2012. Undoubtedly, M-Pesa has been a solution of financial inclusion for the population of the DRC as well as complementarity with the lifestyles of our various customers. This has made us the mobile financial institution of choice.”

This partnership with Access Bank enables VodaCash to move forward in its mission to provide accessible financial services in remote areas and to ensure that all Congolese have access to basic services. In its early stages, the focus was on the provision of basic services such as national money transfers and the purchase of credits. Over time, M-Pesa has expanded to include services such as currency exchange, TV re-subscription and bill payment.


Hashim Mukudi, Managing Director of VodaCash, also announced that “several other collaborations with M-Pesa are coming, each aimed at defending inclusiveness and improving the way of life of customers, aligning with the 2030 SDGs ‘No Poverty’ and ‘reduce equality’.”

Pamela Ilunga added: “At Vodacom Congo, we believe that “Together, everything becomes possible”. Together, we can have an impact on the economy. We can participate and promote this digital revolution that is currently taking place in the DRC. M-Pesa Rallonge is just the first of many other services we are currently developing to improve lives and facilitate access to financial services using eco-responsible processes. The Deputy CEO of Vodacom Congo closed his speech by welcoming their partner, Access Bank, who shares the same vision of “meeting the real financial inclusion needs of the Congolese population and providing a platform that will allow its clients to use this new service.”

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