e-finance adds LogRhythm to its integrated cloud computing platform for safe and secure digital growth that aligns with Egypt Vision 2030

LogRhythm, the company helping security teams stop breaches by turning disconnected data and signals into trustworthy insights, has expanded its partnership with e-finance, a subsidiary of e-finance Investment Group to deliver secure digital transformation in Egypt.

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The strategic expansion of the partnership sees the integration of LogRhythm into e-finance’s cloud computing platform. e-finance’s customers across critical industries including fintech, government, and healthcare gain access to LogRhythm SIEM to uncover threats, mitigate attacks, and scale their business with confidence.

The integration of LogRhythm into its platform enables e-finance to strengthen its support for Egypt’s Vision 2030 initiative to achieve digital transformation and improve operational efficiency within the country. Organizations across public and private sectors benefit from LogRhythm’s intuitive, high-performance analytics, automated threat detection, and seamless incident response.

“As Egypt Vision 2030 shifts the country towards accelerated digital transformation, the need for scalable cybersecurity defenses is higher than ever. We are excited to grow our partnership with e-finance as we focus on enabling organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity foundations and making national critical infrastructure more resilient,” said Essam Ahmed, Regional Sales Director, at LogRhythm. “LogRhythm’s integration into e-Finance’s cloud computing platform is a significant step forward for our partnership and we are proud to be a part of this powerful collaborative ecosystem. Together, we are working towards achieving a secure digital future in Egypt.”

The e-finance integrated cloud computing platform is the first of its kind in Egypt and provides 200 diverse services. It is equipped with the latest secure computing technologies and multiple digital services including the latest software, cloud platforms, cybersecurity applications, artificial intelligence (AI), big data processing, and more.

“Egypt is currently undergoing exciting digital growth driven by factors including national digitalization projects, infrastructure modernization, and data center investments. We have an unwavering commitment to continuous development and our strategic partnership with LogRhythm strengthens our position as a leading provider of sovereign cloud services in Egypt,” said Atef Mohammed, IT & Cloud Director, at e-finance. “By integrating LogRhythm, we enrich the offering of our cloud computing platform as the Egyptian IT market continues to embrace digital models. This is further supported by e-finance’s certification by the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology and the National Telecom Regulatory Authority, enabling us to deliver on local innovation.”


In 2023, LogRhythm partnered with e-finance to mitigate threats in Egypt’s digital payment security ecosystem with LogRhythm SIEM. The recent expansion of this partnership means both e-finance and its customers now benefit from LogRhythm’s scalable, accessible, and easy-to-integrate cybersecurity solutions.

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