Ethiopian Airlines Group, the fastest-growing global airline brand and the continent’s largest airline, is pleased to announce that it selects AVANT Up inflight entertainment solution for its upcoming aircraft Airbus A350-1000.

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Ethiopian, a multi award winner including SKYTRAX awards for six years in a row, will introduce the latest technology inflight entertainment system from Thales Inflyt Experience with a new user interface to enhance passengers’ experience, several digital services such as: interactive maps, shopping, and meal and beverage selections.

“Ethiopian has trusted Thales as an inflight entertainment supplier for more than a decade and now to equip its new A350-1000 aircraft with the latest AVANT Up IFE solution. Thales’ AVANT Up brings to Ethiopian the latest consumer technologies and capabilities to the aircraft. Combining our Optiq 4K QLED HDR displays, award-winning dynamic power, and next generation digital services will bring exceptional experiences to Ethiopian’s passengers,” says Regional Vice President, Thales Inflyt Experience, Bruno GUINAMAND.

Reiterating Ethiopian Airlines’ commitment to continuously enhance customers’ onboard experience, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Mr. Mesfin Tasew says, “As we endeavor to maintain our position as Africa’s number one and among the leading global airlines, we know one of the key success factors is giving our passengers the best possible onboard experience.”


Adding: “We are delighted to introduce the AVANT Up in-flight entertainment solution for our upcoming Airbus A350-1000 aircraft where passengers will enjoy the finest immersive and cinematic experience. The system provides several unique features that enable the passengers remain excited throughout the flight, and arrive at their destination relaxed.”

Thales’ AVANT Up features new OPTIQ 4k QLED HDR displays. It includes two Bluetooth connections and built-in Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to pair multiple devices. OPTIQ is designed with in-screen USB-A and USB-C charging ports giving passengers up to 70 watts to charge their ear pods, phones, tablets or laptops during the flight.

Recipient of numerous prestigious awards including SKYTRAX “the best airline in Africa” for the sixth year in a row, Ethiopian will continue to invest on technology to elevate passengers’ onboard experience.


The first of Ethiopian Airlines’ Airbus A350-1000 aircrafts on order is set to be delivered in the third Quarter of 2024.

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