According to Stocklytics.com, the service has spiked by a staggering 233% surge since 2020 to surpass 100 million paying subscribers across YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.

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Stocklytics Financial analyst Edith Reads commented on the analysis:

“The exponential rise in YouTube ad-free subscribers reflects the platform’s strategic investments in enhancing premium offerings. This includes exclusive content, ad-free streaming, and other additional features. This surge also highlights consumers’ evolving preferences, who increasingly value the benefits of a premium subscription, such as uninterrupted viewing and access to exclusive content.”

The world’s biggest video site launched a paid, ad-free subscription service called YouTube Red almost a decade ago. The service allows customers to access YouTube videos, the company’s gaming app, and a new music app without commercials. Later, the platform divided YouTube Red into YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium.


The full story and statistics can be found here: YouTube Premium Subscribers Surge 233% to Hit 100M Milestone in February 2024

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