YoLa Fresh, a Moroccan agribusiness marketplace, has announced a new partnership with CensaNext, a technology subsidiary of WayCool, one of India’s leading food and agri-tech platforms. This strategic alliance will bring WayCool’s cutting-edge technology and expertise to the African market, helping YoLa Fresh optimize its supply chain, boost operational efficiency, and minimize waste, further propelling its mission to become Africa’s largest fresh produce supply chain.

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YoLa Fresh is a rapidly growing company operating in a rapidly growing market. The African fresh produce market is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2030. YoLa Fresh is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth with its strong team, unique value proposition, and innovative technology.

YoLa Fresh has been making significant strides in transforming the African agribusiness sector, leveraging technology and data to organize the agriculture commerce ecosystem. Its technology and Africa-centric solutions are disrupting the way fruits and vegetables move from farms to consumers’ plates, empowering farmers and other players in the ecosystem in ways never done before. This commitment to innovation and impact has earned the company recognition at GITEX Africa, where it was awarded the “Best Agritech Startup” award, and selection for the EBRD Star Venture program, further validating its business model and potential for growth.

CensaNext, a subsidiary of WayCool, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in developing and implementing advanced technologies for the agribusiness sector. WayCool, with its presence across India, has established itself as a leader in the space, successfully scaling and transforming food supply chain from soil to sale, working with over 150,000 farmers and serving over 100,000 clients. Its recent $117 million Series D funding round, led by investors such as LightRock, LightBox, Lightsmith, Redwood Equity Partners, Gawa Capital, the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, and Dutch development bank FMO, underscores its strong position in the market and its commitment to innovation.


This partnership is a significant milestone for both YoLa Fresh and CensaNext, bringing together two companies with a shared vision of transforming the agribusiness landscape. By leveraging WayCool’s cutting-edge technology and expertise, YoLa Fresh will further enhance its supply chain efficiency, boost operational effectiveness, and minimize waste, ultimately benefiting farmers, consumers, and the entire agribusiness ecosystem.

“We are excited to partner with CensaNext and bring their innovative technology to the African market,” said Larbi Alaoui Belrhiti, YoLa Fresh Founder and co-CEO. “This partnership will help us to further optimize our supply chain and deliver the freshest produce to our customers in a more efficient and sustainable way.”

“We are delighted to partner with YoLa Fresh and support their mission to create Africa’s largest fresh produce supply chain,” said Avinash Kasinathan, CensaNext CEO. “Our technology is well-suited to help YoLa Fresh address the unique challenges of the African market. Our tech being developed by practitioners, is well seasoned in addressing inefficiencies and has built-in nuances that solves for challenges of fragmented food supply chains. We look forward to contributing in transforming the African food economy”.


Adding to this Sanjay Dasari, co-founder, WayCool Foods said “We view our strategic alliance with YoLa Fresh as a crucial milestone in reshaping the African food ecosystem. WayCool’s practitioner built tech stack for food and agri space continues to deliver sizeable impact in India and is ready for the world. By integrating our cutting-edge technology and learnings, we aim to optimize YoLa Fresh’s supply chain, enhancing operational efficiency, and minimizing food waste. This collaboration underscores our commitment to advancing a more sustainable and efficient food value chain across the globe, aligning seamlessly with our overarching vision of powering 1% of the world’s food.”


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