YALDA conference i-boot camp for Young African Leaders


The Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa-(YALDA) www.yaldafrica.org will be holding its 6th Biennial YALDA conference in Cameroon where 350 young leaders have been selected in a lot of over 2000 applications from all over Africa and the diaspora .


The YALDA conference will hold from 5th -9th of October 2016 t the University of Buea with full representation of young leaders from 47 African Universities, Harvard and Oxford. The conference is to foster Regional integration. It will also highlight the strategic role of the various economic communities and regional blocks.



The theme of this conference (www.ibootcamp.yaldafrica.org) is: Fostering Regional Integration for a Prosperous Africa: Transforming Youth Potential into Opportunities Across Africa.



The i-boot camp aims at inspiring young leaders to generate innovative ideas on strategies to create opportunities for young people through collaboration with their peers, investors, economic communities, regional blocks and governments across borders.


It is also a great opportunity for investors and regional blocks to identify prominent young leaders and groom them in the race of bridging the gabs created by the balkanisation of the African continent.



Delegates will submit innovative ideas to CEOs, companies, embassies and NGOs for due selection and awards.


ECA launches monthly continental ‘Statistics Flash’

The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) has launched its newest product, the Africa Statistical Flash, which captures macro-economic and social data on the continent, giving member states and stakeholders an indication of where things stand in Africa on a monthly basis.


Director, Oliver Chinganya, of the ECA’s African Centre for Statistics, says the Flash is a one-stop shop document that will provide an understanding of what is going on in Africa at a glimpse. Areas covered include price levels, the consumer price index, population, life expectancy and related issues.

He said the Flash will look at a different country of the 54-member States every month. First to be featured by the Africa Statistical Flash are the 13 fastest growing African economies which are the drivers of Africa’s GDP, among them Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana.


“We will be collecting, analyzing and making inference from the data and producing the Flash in French and English on a monthly basis,” said Mr. Chinganya.


The African Centre for Statistics has as its core mandate, to collect and disseminate credible African data. According to Chinganya, if an investor or researcher picks up the Africa Statistical Flash, he or she “will quickly be able to form an opinion on whether the Continent is moving in the direction that is expected and be informed of the GDP growth rate for that period of time. The Flash provides information on livelihoods, life expectancy, mortality rates, trade and related issues and offers key trends that researchers can use to predict the future.


Among other areas of comparative analysis, the Africa Statistical Flash will provide information on trade between Africa’s sub-regions, for example Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) versus the Southern African Development Community (SADC).


The ECA is using focal points in all the 54 member States to collect, analyse and package the data for dissemination through the Africa Statistical Flash. It is also informed by other quality data sources.


“We have now populated about 80 percent of the database; we are still cleaning it up before we can share it with the public.”


“If we are going to be that one stop-shop for critical data on Africa, we need to have credible data that can be used not only by us but also our member States; together with our partners, we aim to create our African Statistics Database,” said Chinganya of efforts by the ECA, the African Union and the African Development Bank to create a robust African Statistics Database.

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