According to StockApps.com, Meta has the least varied product portfolio among Big Techs, with 97% of its revenue coming from ads in 2022.

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Speaking on the data, Edith Reads from StockApps, said: “Meta is meticulous in executing its plan. It noticed that Ads are its primary revenue source and is going full-blown. Although they try to diversify, they are not keen on other fronts. Being a social network, they understand millions of users visit the platforms daily, and most marketers are after the audience. This is why Meta has focused heavily on Ads, and it is paying off big time.”

Meta’s focus on the ad space has allowed them to become a leader in this market. They have developed innovative technologies and algorithms enabling businesses to target their ads effectively. .Full story and statistics can be found here: Meta Has the Least Diverse Product Portfolio Among Big Techs, With 97% Of Its Revenue Coming From Ads in 2022

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