Global finance expert offers insights on whether banks will take advantage of the power of AI and natural language processing in a new book.

Imagine if banking operations could predict market trends, regulatory shifts, and client preferences with uncanny precision.

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AI, especially with advancements in natural language processing like those found in ChatGPT, is on the brink of reshaping the core of financial infrastructure.

As these technologies promise to optimize decision-making and strategic planning, the pivotal question remains: Are banking institutions prepared for this transformative wave?


Author of the new book, “The Great Transition: The Personalization of Finance is Here,” Emmanuel Daniel shares his experience as a global thought leader in the future of finance.

The book outlines how the banking industry is evolving from being focused on platform technologies to a level of personalization that has never been seen before. Including the roles of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, gaming and other technologies as they pertain to this transition to the personalization of finance.

The book examines issues that include:

  • The personalization of finance
  • The reimagining of financial products
  • Future of the Internet (crypto and web3)
  • Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as it relates to banking
  • The future role of social media
  • Self-Sovereign Identity Approach
  • Financialization
  • The Network Effect
  • Plus a plethora of other financial and technological topics

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