Olamide Amosu, Online Marketing and Communications Manager of Infinix Mobility, an OEM firm in Nigeria,  speaks with IT EDGE NEWS,Anthony Nwosu, on why the Infinixbrand ischanging the market dynamics in Nigeria’s fiery mobile devices market. .


Infinix phones have been in Nigeria for sometimes and from the look of things, they seems to target the lower end users in the market, why this strategy?

Infinix caters to every user in the market with different phone editions targeted at each segment of the market. Infinix is a rising star in Nigerian market because we have been able to identify the needs of our users and we have focused on that to get them what they need. We know that the larger population of people using phones in Nigeria are the lower end users and we also catered to their gadget needs with some of our phone editions.



As a mobile device firm, there have been issues on quality of the phones churned out in Africa, What are you saying about this?

Infinix aims to give fans and customers the best mobile phone experience ensuring product quality and that is what we have done with all the series released. Also referring to product reviews for infinix phones we have released in the past years, the quality remains at the top.



Why release the latest version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow with lots of bugs?

In the technology space it is not unusual that an OS upgrade might come with bugs but this usually happens with the test version that isn’t the official version released. As a mobile phone brand that cares about its users we guide our users through the process of upgrading. Also customers who have issues with their software upgrades will have access and contact our partner-experts who manage our after sale support: ‘Carlcare,’ they have the solution for every customers problem in terms of technology.



What are the plans you have to remedy issues associated  withAndriod 6.0  by Infinix?

Android 6.0 Marshmallow was released for Infinix HOT 2 by our partners who handle the management of the software/user interface Google ‘Android one’. We released the OTA Versions and our after sales support Carlcare has helped customers upgrade safely.


Quote: “Last year, we increased our market share greatly in Nigeria with the launch of four amazing smartphones. Most of which sold out instantly with the anticipation about the phone features.”


Define your relationship with the CarlCareas it appears some customers have unresolved after sales issues with them.

Carlcare is our after sales support partner, they manage all our customer’s technology issues helping them to get the best mobile experience Infinix has to offer for the product they purchased.


Why is it that most of your devices do not come with top safety features like Corning glass screen and long lasting batteries?

Infinix smart phones are laminated which protects the screen from scratching and others. Also Infinix offers long lasting batteries to customers; this is part of the unique selling points for our smart phones because we know the demand from Nigerians about phones with long battery life.


What are you doing to ensure that you incorporate local contents in your phone, such as having Nigerian applications pre – installed in your phone?

We currently have Naij.com, Jumia and a few other local pre-installed apps on every infinix smartphone in Nigeria. We are looking to partner with more local content companies as we grow.


What have you done about your device heating up while using it and where can one buy original accessories?

We always advice customers to always buy accessories from our authorized retailers in Nigeria, some of them are Jumia, konga, Yudala, Microstation, Slot, Ring, Spectrum & a few others stores all nationwide.


Battery life seems to be a reoccurring point in your devices, how do you inform your teeming customers on best way to conserve battery?

Infinix HOT 2 is still one of the best-sellingsmart phones in Nigeria at the moment because of the demand for the features. However, we do advice our fans and customers to join our online forum such as bbs.infinixmobility.com to follow up about updates and how to better manage their devices.


Quote: “Infinix is a rising star in Nigerian market because we have been able to identify the needs of our users and we have focused on that to get them what they need.”


There are reports of Infinix selling some of their phones via online without earpiece and accessories. This is an aberration in the market. Is this a company policy?

Infinix offers users more value with the addition of top-notch accessories such as earpieces and chargers. We sometimes bundle more accessories for free for different types of smart phones e.g. smart covers, Bluetooth earpiece, Selfie stick, OTG cables and others.


What was volume of sales as of 2015 and your market share?

We can’t share figures but last year we increased our market share greatly in Nigeria with the launch of four amazing smart phones most of which sold out instantly with the anticipation about the phone features. This year, we intend to take a huge chunk of the market share with the different smart phones we will be unveiling in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Consumers can expect more from Infinix.


When are you pushing the latest 6.0 update that is bug free?

Flash version OTA (Automatic version) this version has been available since and users have upgraded safely, refer to online forum bbs.infinixmobility.com


How and where can customers identify original Infinix accessories?

We launched a campaign about creating awareness to our customers and fans on how to differentiate Infinixcertified products from replicas which might be available in the market. This campaign is continuous as we continue to highlight differences with our phones and accessories. The hashtag for the campaign is #Spotthefake (Check all our online platforms, including video on YouTube. We are also working closely with our authorized dealers to make sure the phones customers buy from them are directly from us.

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