By Oluwaseyi Ajadi

Wema Bank is collaborating with the GITEX Africa Roadshow to foster collaboration and drive tech innovation within Nigeria’s thriving startup ecosystem.

At the forefront of Wema Bank’s efforts is its digital banking platform, ALAT, which provides a seamless and convenient banking experience for individuals and businesses alike. ALAT offers a range of innovative features, including instant account opening, easy fund transfers, bill payments, and access to loans, all accessible through mobile devices or computers.

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The collaboration is in line with the bank’s long-term commitment to driving innovation and implementing cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing the customer experience and improving operational efficiency, said Head Innovation-WEMA Bank, Mr. Solomon Ayodele, at the recent GITEX Africa Roadshow Breakfast Briefing in Lagos.


In addition to digital banking, Wema Bank actively supports small businesses through various initiatives. One notable program is the Wema Bank SME Loan, which offers low-interest financing options tailored specifically for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). These loans provide MSMEs with the capital they need to expand their operations, invest in technology, or launch new products and services.

Wema Bank providing exposure and opportunities for local startups

Through this strategic partnership, Wema Bank aims to amplify the reach and impact of the GITEX Africa Roadshow in Nigeria by providing exposure and opportunities for local startups.

Leveraging its extensive network and expertise, Wema Bank has undertaken initiatives such as exposing a pool of over 1000 startups across the country to the roadshow. Additionally, Wema Bank has facilitated the participation of six promising startups by sponsoring their journey to Morocco, where they will have the opportunity to showcase their innovations on a global stage.


Ayodele emphasized the critical role of collaboration in nurturing and sustaining innovation ecosystems. He highlighted the importance of leveraging partnerships with organizations like GITEX to facilitate access to opportunities for Nigerian startups and drive meaningful impact in the tech space.

His words: “In today’s tech landscape, collaboration is not just an option; it’s the new form of competition,” he remarked. “Innovation must be seen beyond a tool that satisfies our ego, but as a continuum that demystifies life’s evolving ambiguities and solves local problems with the ‘locals’ in mind.”


In an exclusive interview with IT Edge News,  Ayodele underscored the bank’s commitment to driving tech innovation through strategic partnerships and community engagement.

He stated, “Wema Bank signed a partnership agreement with GITEX as a community partner. One of the first things we did was to help amplify the roadshow in Nigeria. We exposed them to a pool of over 1000 startups across the country, built a landing page where startups in our ecosystem applied through us, and sponsored six startups to Morocco based on this partnership.”

With 79 years of innovation, Wema Bank has been a pioneer in digital transformation within the banking industry. It stands out among its competitors for its innovative digital banking solutions, focus on financial inclusion, support for small businesses, commitment to corporate social responsibility, and customer-centric approach.

Through collaborative efforts between Wema Bank and GITEX Africa Roadshow, promising startups in Nigeria are being empowered to realize their full potential, ultimately contributing to the advancement of technology and entrepreneurship in the region.

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