MainOne says it is working to restore full services as an undersea cable glitch freezes Internet access across Sub-Saharan Africa impacting negatively on the telecommunications and banking sectors.

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“Based on preliminary findings, the fault resulted from an incident on our submarine cable system, offshore the coast of West Africa, that has also affected other cable systems and is disrupting international connectivity and Internet services to countries across West Africa,” the company states in an official statement.

According to MainOne, “further investigations have revealed that the fault occurred due to an external incident that resulted in a cut on our submarine cable system, in the Atlantic Ocean between Senegal and Cote D’Ivoire, offshore the coast of West Africa. This has disrupted MainOne services south of Senegal through to Nigeria.”

The cable company says it was deploying resources to resolve the incident.


“We are working with cable systems that are not affected by this incident or previous outages to secure restoration capacity and our technical team is working assiduously to begin the restoration of services, subject to availability of capacity and service configuration specifics. We will also provide incremental updates on the root cause and efforts to repair the submarine cable as soon as those details become available,” MainOne expresses in the statement.

Adding: “We recognize the impact of the outage on our customers and are working tirelessly to make available restoration capacity for temporary relief, subject to availability and service configuration specifics.

“In parallel, actions have been taken to mobilize a vessel to expeditiously repair the cable in the deep ocean.


COVER PHOTO: Ms. Funke Opeke, CEO, MainOne

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