The UNICCON Group of Companies  is gearing up for launch of Kayi, a blockchain-enabled, game-changing online banking app.

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Kayi is modeled to revolutionize the banking sector with its unique offerings and novel security implementation via the blockchain technology among other features.

Kayi is leveraging best of efforts by the UNICCON Group which last April launched its blockchain technology, SmartAfri Labs designed to drive the adoption of blockchain technology across Africa

UNICCON’s SmartAfri Labs, a novel product consists of SmartAfri Chain (blockchain node), NFT Marketplace (Create and sell NFTs), SmartAfri Verse (Metaverse), SmartAfri eMarket (fusion of 2.0 and 3.0) and UNICCON VR (subsidized locally manufactured headsets).


The company is putting the power of SmartAfri Labs to bear on the Kayi banking mobile app.

The main features of the app are:

  1. Web 2.5 Integration (The fusion of Web 2 & Web 3): This includes the ability to send local currency & trade crypto currencies from one app. Also, the app uses blockchain, an immutable ledger for security implementations.
  2. Stocks: The Kayi mobile app also makes it possible for its users to trade stocks on the go.
  • Utility Bill: With the Kayi app, you can pay for utilities such as electricity, cable subscriptions, Phone bills, Internet data, etc.
  1. Virtual Card: The Kayi virtual card is available in the mobile app, and it has been carefully designed to make online shopping easier. It is also useful in the renewal of online subscriptions such as Netflix, Apple Music, YouTube Premium, etc. paradigm shift across the banking industry with the launch of the Kayi app.

Kayi is pushing a paradigm shift across the banking industry with its unique features and ability to perform a myriad of actions from stock trading, crypto trading, creation of virtual cards, to insurance services.


The UNICCON Group is an indigenous Nigerian tech company enabling individuals, businesses, corporates, and governments to improve productivity through novel tech innovations.

The company launched the Omeife humanoid robot last year to herald Africa’s entry into the global market for humanoid robots.

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