Siemon, a global leader in network infrastructure solutions, proudly announces the expansion of its groundbreaking UltraMAXTM copper connectivity system with innovative new products, designed to elevate network performance and versatility.

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Building on the success of UltraMAX’s initial launch, the latest additions include UltraMAX 48-port patch panels in 1U flat and angled configurations, the UltraMAX Turbo Tool, and pre-terminated copper trunk cables. These additions are poised to deliver unparalleled connectivity and streamline installation processes.

UltraMAX empowers users to transcend conventional limitations, enhancing the performance of category 5e, 6, and 6A UTP systems. UltraMAX seamlessly integrates usability, quality, and top-tier performance into a sleek, modern design tailored to today’s dynamic requirements.

The solution encompasses a comprehensive range of outlets, patch panels, and termination tools, empowering users to design, configure, and implement category 5e, 6, and 6A UTP network deployments with utmost flexibility. Featuring Siemon’s pioneering linear punch-down technology that guides and verifies correct conductor placement, UltraMAX outlets ensure fast and easy termination for users of all skill levels. This results in superior, consistent, and reliable terminations, reducing installation time and eliminating costly reworks.


The new UltraMAX 48-port patch panels are meticulously engineered to optimize space and efficiency. Available in flat and angled configurations, these panels enable users to maximize rack space while meeting stringent Category 6A Alien Crosstalk parameters. Crafted from high-strength steel with a scratch-resistant finish, these panels provide a durable foundation for critical network connections.

Designed for significant space efficiency, they offer 48 ports in just 1U, minimizing rack space utilization while upholding strict Category 6A Alien Crosstalk standards. Customizable labels, color-coded icons, and a magnified label holder simplify port identification and management, while removable rear cable managers ensure organized cabling and optimal performance maintenance. These panels are available as empty, kitted or loaded with outlets

The UltraMAX Turbo Tool is engineered for user-friendly efficiency, significantly reducing termination time for category 5e, 6, and 6A UTP UltraMAX outlets. Unlike traditional single-conductor punch-down tools, the Turbo Tool terminates all 8 conductors in a single action, enhancing productivity and ensuring reliable high-performance connections.


Featuring a rotatable tool head for flexible cable entry and compliance with bend radius requirements, this tool is constructed from 16-gauge steel and high-impact resistant plastics for durability on job sites. Its ergonomic design includes a spring-loaded handle for comfortable one- handed operations, accelerating termination time by 15 per cent compared to traditional tools.

The integrated safety latch secures handles for safe storage, and the replaceable cutting die extends the tool’s lifespan, ensuring flawless terminations across all category 5e, 6, and 6A UTP UltraMAX outlets. The tool supports terminations for UltraMAX hybrid, keystone, and panel-style outlets.

“UltraMAX signifies Siemon’s commitment to advancing copper connectivity solutions”, says Kevin Stronkowsky, Siemon’s global copper product manager. “The expansion of UltraMAX with these new products underscores our dedication to innovation, providing intuitive, high-quality solutions that meet evolving customer needs. UltraMAX Reloaded introduces a new standard of efficiency and performance to UTP systems, enabling our clients to deploy networks swiftly and reliably.”


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