By Oluwaseyi Ajadi

Ocular AI, a burgeoning startup based in Silicon Valley, has been accepted for Y Combinator’s winter 2024 batch. This forward-thinking company has captured attention with its groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize work processes by seamlessly integrating various engineering tools and data into a unified interface.

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Ocular AI lets teams within organizations search, visualize, and perform critical cross tool actions all on one unified platform. Having worked at Microsoft and Google we’ve experience first-hand how difficult it is to access and find information across multiple Saas tools. To solve this, Ocular AI brings infrastructure, tooling, data, services together and facilitates knowledge discovery and actions all on one platform,” states Y Combinator.

Founded in 2024 by a dynamic team comprising Michael Moyo, CEO and Zambian native with extensive experience at Microsoft, and Louis Murerwa, a seasoned Zimbabwean software engineer previously with Google, Ocular AI is making waves as one of the first Zimbabwean-led startups to be selected for Y Combinator.

“We are very excited to be walking in the footsteps of giants like Stripe, Airbnb, DoorDash, OpenAI, to mention a few” said Murerwa in a LinkedIn post, reflecting the team’s enthusiasm and ambition.

Moyo further elaborates on Ocular AI’s vision: “Our platform is born out of a vision to revolutionize how teams interact with their work, engineering tools, and data. Drawing from our experiences at Microsoft and Google, Louis and I have firsthand experience navigating the complexities of information access, data management, and tool discovery across various SaaS platforms, both in general workplace settings and engineering environments.”

Ocular AI is committed to enhancing workplace efficiency through its innovative platform. By consolidating disparate SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure, and data sources, Ocular AI empowers users with AI-driven insights and seamless accessibility, leveraging AI for generative knowledge discovery.


YC’s selection of Ocular AI’s potential is significant as the startup addresses a common challenge faced by organizations across different sectors: the accessibility of information and the optimization of workflows. This acknowledgment places Ocular AI within a prestigious alumni network, providing invaluable access to Y Combinator’s renowned mentorship, funding opportunities, and extensive global network.”

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