ATCON wants new minister to focus on:

  • Creation of special FX window for operators in the industry
  • Passing into Act Critical National Infrastructure Bill
  • Implementation of agreement on Right of Way
  • Multiple Taxation / Regulation
  • Fostering an Industry Think Tank Team

 The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) has described the appointment of Mr. Bosun Tijani as a dynamic approach by President Bola Tinubu to grow the tech industry.

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In a statement issued weekend in Lagos, the umbrella body for telecom companies in Nigeria said the appointment reflects government intent to advance the industry leveraging its global dynamics, the strength of young people with extensive understanding of the industry in line with the vision to genuinely grow a robust nation al economy.


“It is encouraging that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu appointed a person with an IT background to the post and the fact that he is relatively young shows that a dynamic approach to the industry is being targeted.

“Of note also is the addition of “Innovation” to the title of the Ministry.  It is a further pointer to the direction the current government intends to take in the communication industry. Considering one of the promises of a million digital jobs, a lot of innovation is truly required,” president of ATCON, Tony Izuagbe Emoekpere expressed in the official statement.

According to ATCON, “there are still fundamental challenges facing the industry especially at the physical layer – infrastructure, which if unresolved will not allow success in the application layers where most of the digital jobs reside.”


Funding and securing telecoms

The association wants the new minister to focus on areas that include digital infrastructure, funding and security of telecoms assets.

Part of the statement reads: “There is great need to develop, secure and enable further expansion of communication infrastructure in the country. With a solid infrastructure base, innovative digital services which can take advantage of the growing digital economy can be further developed and expanded to all areas of the country especially the unserved and underserved areas.

“Issues ranging from funding, security and permits still bedevil the industry although several strides have been made especially by the regulating bodies chiefly NCC as well as NITDA and now the NDPC.

Industry Think Tank Team and areas of focus

“Some areas to focus include

  1. Creation of special FX window for operators in the industry
  2. Passing into Act Critical National Infrastructure Bill
  3. Implementation of agreement on Right of Way
  4. Multiple Taxation / Regulation

ATCON also assured the minister of its support.

“The success of the new Minister is our success. A recommendation is to constitute an Industry Think Tank Team to help him fast track growth and development in the sector. He needs expertise of industry Associations to embark on projects, and programmes that would speed up the growth, efficiency and effectiveness of the Nigerian telecom and ICT Sector.”

COVER PHOTO: President of ATCON, Tony Izuagbe Emoekpere

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