Nigeria’s digital economy is a long journey from a tough past but it has a positively challenging present and a robust future, some of the tech-business founders and leading lights in its digital economy appear to have inked in their forward notes to the Nigeria Digital Economy Special Report, a part of the highlights of Nigeria’s Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers holding February 14, 2023 at the prestigious Providence by (Mantis), Ikeja, Lagos.

Dr. Yele Okeremi, founding and incumbent CEO of Precise Financial Systems Ltd (PFS), and James Agada, founder/CEO. Ixzdore Laboratories Limited, and former CEO of CWG Plc; expressed great optimism about the country’s digital economy and its drivers even as they advised for greater sense of proactivity to get the economy going and more digitised across sectors

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“The digital revolution has been enabled by the technology developers, the daring regulators, the adopters in industry and the vast network of users. We owe them a lot of applause for getting us to where we are,” noted Agada

“Nigeria should ensure that it has a good environment to encourage the creation of intellectual property and platforms that are owned by Nigerians, create appropriate laws and environment for the protection of these intellectual properties while providing an environment for research, incubation, and development of new intellectual property. Any country that does not take steps to ensure the foregoing will become a mere consumer and ultimate spectator in the digital economy space,” Dr Okeremi warned.


Both founders will be joining other stakeholders at Nigeria’s Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers 2023, the One Day Industry Colloquium/Lunch Award Ceremony featuring:

  1. The CONVERSATIONS: Nigeria’s Digital Economy – Myth or Fact?
  2. Nigeria’s Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers Recognition Ceremony
  3. Industry Lunch
  4. Nigeria Digital Economy Special Report

According to Chairman, Nigeria Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers 2023,  Dr. Sola Afolabi, The event is “a platform for industry Recognition, Industry Stock-Taking & Industry Insights with a view to provide a guide as to what direction Nigeria’s entire spectrum of ICT ecosystem will take as the transition for a new government begins.”

With major industry players already signed up to attend from sub-sectors that include fintech, data centres, internet services, mobile network operators, ICT infrastructure, and a host of others, the event is designed to capture the essence of what defines Nigeria’s digital economy, said Project Team Lead, Olusegun Oruame adding that the event is driven by collaboration of stakeholders across sectors including the media. Event partners include IT Edge News.Africa, TechEconomy; ITPulse; TechandBiz..com; and TechTV (NTA).


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