Sterling Bank stirs another social media war

By Chinedu James

Sterling Bank plc may have reignited another social media war with its new ‘One Customer Bank’ creative and a recent tweet stating: ‘We only say what we believe in’ to celebrate World Friendship Day.  In the new advert, an astronaut seated on a throne with his rocket beside him, ready for launch, is being honoured and held in reverence by others dressed in corporate attires and colourful ties.

Feelers received by IT Edge News reveal that many see the advert as directly speaking to other competitors in the banking sector.

Somewhat subtle and quietly provocative, the astronaut, who also featured in the last controversial creative, is dressed in a T-shirt, shorts and possibly sneakers. He is portrayed as youthful and stylish to underscore trends in the new 21st century workplace as opposed to the corporate appearance of others (the competitors) who are seemingly looking too traditional and antiquated.


In the post, Sterling bank, the astronaut, receives the reverence of the ‘corporate others.’ Take note of their respective ties. From left to right, the woman spotting the blue tie could as well be First Bank, the amber coloured tie of both GT Bank and Access Bank? Then there is the woman spotting the Diamond Bank’s green? The creative is not done yet. An old man with an ancient walking stick is spotting the blue of Union Bank.

For the banks, fighting for customers and more monies, the social media war may just be the next frontier to psychologically woo over the customers from the competitors’ territories.

The last creative by Sterling Bank elicited rage from other banks whose logos and buildings where featured. They wasted no time in firing back at Sterling Bank. The bank later tendered an apology and down the post. The new creative, not so loud on competitors’ symbols, may have opened a new dawn on how to imaginatively cut competitors to size.


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