Spiro, the top-tier electric motorbike manufacturer, and clean energy advocate, is thrilled to announce a significant agreement with Ampace, China’s leading battery cell provider. The deal – signed for Spiro by Director Mr. Gaurav and for Ampace by Jerry Jia, President of Xiamen Ampace Technology Limited – encompasses the procurement of up to one million battery cells, catalysing the escalated production of electric two-wheelers to keep pace with the growing demand for clean energy transportation in Africa.

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Jules Samain, CEO of Spiro, shared his excitement: “This strategic partnership with Ampace marks a monumental stride in our mission to deliver reliable, clean energy transportation across Africa. It’s not only about meeting the escalating demand, but also about generating employment opportunities and stimulating local economies in Benin, Togo, and Rwanda.”

The procurement of battery cells from Ampace will expedite Spiro’s battery assembly operations in Benin and other parts of Africa. The launch of their pioneering factory in GDIZ near Cotonou, Benin, by the end of 2023, exemplifies Spiro’s commitment to becoming the continent’s driving force in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, and working with Ampace will allow teams in Benin to accelerate battery assembly in the country.


Spiro’s Head of Strategic Sourcing Rohit Pandita added that “Spiro and Ampace will also be collaborating to continuously refine battery technology, aiming to improve the EV landscape across Africa. Their emphasis on safety and performance is demonstrated by their continued investment in Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cells, a safer and more sustainable option for warm climates prevalent in Africa.”


The company’s strategic expansion into new markets was recently highlighted by a deal to deploy 140,000 electric bikes in Uganda. “The trust that new and existing markets are placing in us speaks volumes about our dedication to transforming Africa’s energy landscape,” CEO Jules Samain stated. “As our production capacities grow, so does our impact on fostering economic growth and catalysing the transition towards sustainability.”

Spiro welcomes all stakeholders, investors, and interested parties to stay tuned to their exciting journey.

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