By Raphael Oluwole

Smile Taxi Internet

Lagos based Smile Communications Nigeria Limited and auto service firm Metro-taxi have inked a connectivity deal that will put free WiFi in over 200 Metro taxis in Lagos. The move widens Smile’s reach and thickens the brand value of the 4G/LTE broadband provider.



For passengers of Metro-taxi, it’s a new lifestyle while taking a taxi ride and getting stuck in Lagos notorious traffic snarls.


Chief Marketing Officer for Smile Communications Nigeria Limited, Mrs. Alero Ladipo, ‎said the deal opens a new phase in expanding access in Africa’s most populous city of some 18 million people and a redefinition of life style among Metro-taxi passengers.



“Smile Communications Nigeria Limited is uniquely famous for its transformative objective of using the best and most innovative technologies to provide its customers with high quality, easy to use and affordable communication services. A lot of people think about the internet from the utility point of view.



“We are reinforcing the view that people should remain connected to the internet while on the go. The internet is about a more productive lifestyle. In spite of the strata of the society you belong, you should live a connected life. That is what Smile is advocating,” said Ladipo in Lagos.

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