Mr. Dror Limor, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, SkyVision

Mr. Dror Limor, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, SkyVision

SkyVision, a global communications provider has said it will not relent on providing superior and innovative connectivity solutions to its customers across the world. Maintaining a strong local presence and network coverage, SkyVision is well positioned to cater to its customer’s unique requirements.


SkyVision’s vice-president, Sales & Marketing, Mr. Dror Limor, believes that over the past year, SkyVision has greatly expanded its connectivity and value-added solution portfolio alongside its integration capabilities, making it a one-stop-shop company by providing its customers with leading turn-key and end-to-end solutions. “We are now focusing our efforts on further expanding our local presence and new market penetration as we forge ahead into Eastern Africa and further invest into our South African and Nigerian business units.”



SkyVision has a global infrastructure which consists of the latest technologies: satellites and fiber networks with multiple PoPs that offers diversity of choice. One of the latest innovative solutions is the SkyVision SkyFibre, an internet access solution that delivers fibre-optic technology and capacity to download and upload with speed providing a quality user experience. It is designed to support today’s demanding business telecom and application bandwidth needs.



With SkyFibre, African businesses such as those in Guinea benefit from cutting-edge information processing and telecom solutions.


According to the newly appointed chief executive officer, Mr. Ori Watermann, SkyVision’s keen understanding of the global ICT industry, coupled with its strong presence with cutting edge solutions allows the company to forge ahead into new markets while sustaining its existing customers.


“Backed by our 24/7 technical assistance and network operation centers, we are constantly expanding our coverage and value added service to suit and support our most demanding customers in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Telco, NGO and Finance markets,” said Watermann. Contact: [email protected] and www.skyvision.net


SkyVison’s effort towards strengthening its presence across the globe, and most especially the African market, led to the recent deployment of fiber in Guinea, which was specially designed to support corporate as well as small business telecom and application bandwidth requirements.

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