Siemon has announced the launch of a new TechTalk webinar series that has been created to equip data centre professionals with key information to help them maximize the potential of their data centre network infrastructure today and for the future.

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With the data centre landscape evolving at an unprecedented rate, Siemon’s leading data centre specialists have put together a series of eight deep-dive webinars to help data centre managers stay current on the latest data centre trends and help them make informed decisions when selecting cabling and connectivity.

Available to watch on demand, the first TechTalk examines the needs of next-generation data centre environments and explores the role of singlemode and ultra-low loss fibre connectivity in future-ready data centre designs. This webinar is presented by Gary Bernstein, Siemon’s senior director of global data centre sales.

The next TechTalk is scheduled to take place on 06 December 2023 and will take a closer look at switch-to-server connections in the data centre, exploring the benefits of deploying short reach point-to-point cables to support data speeds from 25 to 100Gb/s. Ryan Harris, high-speed cable assemblies market manager at Siemon, will discuss the cabling options available when planning data centre deployments and upgrades.


Siemon’s webinar series then carries on throughout 2024, with a session held on 17 January discussing Generative AI and its impact on data centre infrastructure. Gary Bernstein und Ryan Harris will evaluate cabling and connectivity options to meet the skyrocketing demands that AI poses on power and bandwidth.

On 13 March 2024, Tony Walker, responsible for global fibre product marketing at Siemon, takes a closer look at ultra-high density environments, focussing on cabling considerations to meet the specific needs for accessibility, manageability and ease of operation in these areas of the data centre.

Further sessions throughout 2024 include:

  • Keep pace with your evolving network landscape –01 May 2024
  • The implications of heat in your high-density DC cabinet? –03 July 2024
  • Explore the road to 800G and 1.6T applications –18 September 2024
  • The influence of hyper density and very small form factor –06 November 2024

For a detailed overview of all eight webinar sessions, to register your attendance or to watch the recorded sessions, visit https://www.siemon.com/cloudevo

“Throughout the coming months, Siemon’s subject matter experts will deliver brand new TechTalks with each one focussing on a specific trend that we are seeing in the data centre landscape”, says Prem Rodrigues, director for the IMEA region at Siemon. “Our goal is to keep network managers, designers and installers informed about the latest developments and help them make the right decisions on infrastructure design and media selection to future-proof their network infrastructure.”

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