It will help to meet regulators’ requirements, ease data protection and much more

SearchInform, one of the leading vendors, will introduce its new managed security service, based on its own protective solutions at Gitex Global. The protective platform by SearchInform contains a few solutions, which help to ensure data-centric and user-centric security. The service offers all the protective capabilities of the platform, so the client can deal with the widest range of tasks, such as: data loss prevention; data discovery and classification; access rights audit; regulatory compliance audit (DCC-1: 2022, SAMA, GDPR, etc.); user activity monitoring; forensics and investigation and much more.

Searchinform, as a service provider, undertakes the implementation and maintenance of the specialized software in IT infrastructure and sets up security policies for effective monitoring. The security specialist analyzes the situation in the company and provides client with the detailed incident report. This speeds up the investigation and enables to respond quickly to an incident.

There is no such service in the market covering all of the above-mentioned tasks in a single solution.

At Gitex SearchInform will also introduce the new features of flagship solutions: FileAuditor and Risk Monitor.

Data classification and access rights audit

SearchInform will present FileAuditor, which is the DCAP system that enables to classify all the files, tag them with confidentiality labels, ensure protection from unauthorized access and changes. Solution’s latest updates will be revealed as well:


First of all, the pre-configured sensitive data classification rules, which ease the search for standard documents, including those which fall within DCC-1: 2022, SAMA, GDPR, PDPL, KVKK, PIPL, LGDP, PDPB, PDPA, Personal Data Protection Act 2010, Bundesdatenschutzgesetz – BDSG and etc.

The rules can be configured according to your own requirements, complemented with your own samples, or they may be simply activated – the system will immediately start to work automatically. The solution is capable of checking textual information and images (scans and photos of documents). After the checking against the rule is performed, the FileAuditor adds labels to documents. Thanks to labels, it is easy to search for documents in the data array or configure access blockings appropriately to avoid data leak incidents.

Data leakage prevention


SearchInform will also present its DLP and next-gen DLP Risk Monitor, which exceeds expectations of what DLP should be capable of.

First of all, Risk Monitor by SearchInform allows keeping an archive of data on all the users’ traffic and actions, not only referring to incidents. This helps to prevent leaks and enables to conduct a retrospective investigation if necessary.

The solution’s features, which help to mitigate human mistakes will be revealed as well.

First of all, it’s the anti-phishing feature, that detects potentially dangerous emails in the staff’s mailboxes.

The second example is the feature of checking employee’s passwords. The DLP reveals, on which services an employee inputs the login credentials, which account and PC are used and how reliable the login credentials are. The level of password complexity is reflected illustratively in the report – in case protection isn’t strong enough, the system sends an alert.

The updated Risk Monitor contains a tool for creating watermarks on the PC screen. When a user makes a screenshot or takes monitor picture via smartphone’s camera, the watermark remains on the image, which makes it easy to identify the culprit in case of a leak. The watermark contains an indication of the PC and the employee working on it.

Find SearchInform representatives at two stands:

  • At H25 – C10 SearchInform will demonstrate its solutions together with Scope ME, its distributor in UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • At H23 – C50 SearchInform will introduce its service.

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