Besides having a massive 24% share in the global smartphone market, the South Korean tech giant Samsung also dominates social media, with more fans than some of the world`s most famous brands and celebrities.

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According to data presented by OnlyAccounts.io, Samsung has the most popular Facebook fan page in the world, with almost 160 million fans as of this month.

Only Facebook Itself Has More Followers than Samsung

Brand presence on social media is a serious business. Social networks are a huge traffic generator for retail sales, which is why brands are ready to spend big money on social media advertising. The world`s largest social media network, Facebook, is also the digital channel with the most influence on purchasing decisions, ranking ahead of YouTube and Instagram.


When it comes to brands with the largest Facebook fan base, Samsung is the absolute winner. According to Trackalytics data, the tech conglomerate hit almost 160 million fans this month, far more than some of the world`s biggest brands, athletes, and celebrities. Statistics show that only Facebook itself has more followers on the social media network than Samsung.

Samsung`s Facebook fan base is also quite impressive compared to other names on this list. Statistics show the South Korean tech giant has almost 38 million more followers than Cristiano Ronaldo. The world`s most famous football player, and the most-followed person on Instagram and Facebook, hit over 122 million subscribers to his Facebook page as of this month. Football club Real Madrid ranked third with 111.3 million subscribers, 48 million less than Samsung. One of the world`s biggest brands, Coca-Cola, follows with close to 107 million fans.

Brands, not Individual Celebrities, Dominate the list of Most Popular Facebook Fan Pages


The Trackalytics data also showed that global brands, rather than individual celebrities, dominate the list of most popular fan pages on Facebook. In fact, brands make six out of the ten most popular Facebook fan pages in February, with Facebook itself, Samsung, Real Madrid, Coca-Cola, FC Barcelona, and Tasty as the top names.

Besides Cristiano Ronaldo, Shakira, Vin Diesel, and Leo Messi also found their names on the list of the biggest Facebook celebrities.

The full story and statistics can be found herehttps://onlyaccounts.io/blog/samsung-has-the-most-popular-facebook-fan-page-more-liked-than-cristiano-ronaldo-real-madrid-or-coca-cola/


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