By Olatunde Amole

Coming out from the cold, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus has been unveiled by the phone king in what should globally strengthen the market grip of Samsung after its disastrous Galaxy S7 outreach.

Samsung had to recall millions of the S7 products after frequent battery explosions that the phone maker blamed on battery glitches.

Now, with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, the Korean tech giant hopes to set a new course for how the global phone market will flow. Samsung said that these two devices will be the first ever powered Snapdragon 835 powered smartphones that will have a dual-curved super cool AMOLED display. Also, it would have larger display screens than the previous ones.


Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to have a grand release throughout the world and going to be the best smartphone among the Samsung series. It also comes with a smart watch which is always synchronized with the device and a remote control through which the device can be operated making it attractive and technical.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will carry back the bended offer with numerous progressions expected that will recognize it as a standout amongst the most



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