According to IDC, Samsung has overtaken Apple as the global leader in smartphone shipments. (It was only three months ago that Apple topped Samsung for the first time in global smartphone shipments.)

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In the first quarter of 2024, phone makers shipped 289.4 million phones. How did that break down by manufacturer? The numbers tell a very clear picture:

  • Samsung – 60.1 million units shipped with a 22.5% market share
  • Apple – 50.1 million units shipped with a 20.7% market share
  • Xiaomi – 40.8 million units shipped with an 11.4% market share
  • Tanssion – 28.5 million units shipped with a 5.7% market share
  • OPPO – 25.2 million units shipped with a 10.3% market share

The big surprise is the absence of Google. Even with its flagship Pixel 8 phones continuing to gain popularity, the company can’t crack the top 10. The good news for Google is that the number of Android phones shipped in Q1 2024 far overshadowed iOS devices, with Android shipping a total of 144.6 million units.

Credit: ZDNet referencing IDC


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