RhythmX AI, a generative AI-native company driving revolutionary physician intelligence for whole-person care through cutting edge predictive and generative AI, announced a strategic partnership with Virginia-based Sentara Health, one of the top 20 largest not-for-profit integrated health care delivery systems in the country.

Together, RhythmX AI and Sentara are building the next generation of hyper-personalized primary care for clinicians and patients. With RhythmX AI’s cutting edge predictive and generative AI platform, Sentara primary care clinicians will have access to next best clinical actions surfaced directly from the relevant clinical and payor guidelines, earlier disease detection, underlying EMR data analyses, and documentation support. In effect, the platform will surface the right, relevant information to clinicians at the point of care, enabling primary care clinicians to spend more time truly engaging with patients during clinic visits and perform all the actions they would want to perform if only they had the time today to “hunt” for the information.

At maturity, RhythmX AI and Sentara envision a future where all primary care team members (PCPs, APPs, RNs) utilize the same cutting edge intelligence platform for next best clinical actions surfaced directly from the relevant clinical and payor guidelines for true team-based high-quality care. Regardless of where patients choose to access Sentara primary care services from same-day walk-in clinics to urgent care, to traditional primary care offices, patients will receive the highest quality of care and their hyper-personalized care plan.

“Our vision is to infuse personalized clinical intelligence into every visit and treatment so that physicians can deliver more personalized care while returning the joy of practice,” said Dr. Jordan Asher, MD, MS, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer for Sentara. “Sentara and RhythmX AI’s joint vision is an important part of the future where all clinicians are seeing hyper-personalized intervention recommendations based on clinical, social determinants of health, mental health, and lifestyle aspects of patients that treat both the physiologic dynamics of their clinical condition and their diseases of life.”


“RhythmX AI and Sentara are truly embarking on the next evolution in primary care delivery together,” said Michael Kalishman, Chief Venture and Innovation Officer at Sentara. “With our shared vision for the future, Sentara is excited to partner its leading clinician expertise and primary care redesign approach with RhythmX AI’s cutting edge predictive and generative AI platform. Together we envision a new future for primary care where patient access, quality of care, and the joy of practicing medicine are all possible again through a brilliant combination of leading clinicians and technology enablement.”

“We are going after a big, shared vision that truly reshapes healthcare,” said RhythmX AI CEO and founder Deepthi Bathina, former chief clinical product officer at Humana. “There will never be enough physicians or staff to provide care using traditional models of care delivery and demand will continue to outstrip capacity unless the models of care evolve. The collaboration combines RhythmX AI’s leading enterprise AI platform with Sentara’s clinical expertise and primary care redesign approach to bring forth the next generation of hyper-personalized primary care delivery that infuses true clinical intelligence at the point of care for every patient visit. By doing that we can unlock the capacity needed to deliver the care we are all seeking.”

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