A new molecular detection technology announced today by Base Molecular Resonance™ Technologies, LLC (BMRT) is poised to transform the fields of cancer diagnostics, public safety, law enforcement, security, and military services with a simple scan. This groundbreaking technology utilizes resonant frequencies to detect particle interactions at subatomic levels and can detect any substance based on its nuclear composition. So far, this is proven to include every element on the periodic table, including sensitive high-energy targets and up to 200 cancers and other diseases, with endless applications in nearly every industry.

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Every molecular structure, from narcotics to gunpowder to cancer, emits a resonant frequency
that is detectable using the company’s revolutionary technology, according to BMRT CEO & Co-Founder Robert Bo” Short. As a result, BMRT received a fully issued patent for this technology in November 2022, and the technology’s accuracy has been confirmed by third-party double-blind studies.

“Utilizing a special transmitter and receiver, our device sends and receives frequencies specific to those materials being targeted,” said Short. “This results in instantaneous detection of a specified element, compound, or biological substance, even at extended distances. We believe this discovery will have a dramatic impact on mankind, with the potential to save millions of lives, billions of dollars, and prevent untold pain and suffering.”

BMR™ applications include medical uses like early detection screenings for cancers and other diseases that are often difficult to detect until later stages. Early cancer detection can have an enormous impact on life-saving treatment protocols,” said Short. BMR™ can detect cancerous cells at extremely low levels long before there are clinical signs, and early enough to significantly impact patient outcomes.”


With the ability to detect any substance at a subatomic level, BMR’s impact extends far beyond healthcare into public safety, law enforcement, and even the frontlines of military service, where instantaneous detection at extended distances is of primary concern and can make a significant difference in the outcome of a potential threat.

According to Lee Duke, BMRT President & Co-Founder, “BMR™ can detect elements of gunpowder encased in a .22 caliber bullet at a distance of 75 feet, the magazine clip of an AR-15 through multiple walls at great distances, alert troops entering new and unknown areas to the presence of IED and other explosives, as well as armed enemy combatants. This technology allows us to detect those substances instantaneously and with extreme accuracy,” said Duke. “Early detection with BMR™ has the potential to identify would-be shooters before they enter a building, keep our troops safe no matter where they are located, and give law enforcement and military the information they need to save lives.”

BMRT is currently negotiating agreements in the medical, security, and military sectors, and expects to launch devices into the marketplace within the next two years.


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