Rack Centre works cloud-on-ground to strengthen vista for national cloud services

By Segun Oruame, Lagos.


On tour of Rack Centre: Coker, Olatunji and Rack Centre's Director of Operations, Ezekiel Egboye

On tour of Rack Centre: Coker, Olatunji and Rack Centre’s Director of Operations, Ezekiel Egboye

Rack Centre is gearing up for the formal launch of its Cloud on Ground services in Lagos to thicken cloud offerings in Nigeria’s largely untapped market for cloud computing, enterprise management, virtualization and disaster recovery.



It’s a distinctive market playoff the Tier III scalable data centre capacity of over 6,000 sqm and 18,000 kw is honing to prospective clients to prove it has its competencies in-shore and on ground to meet customers need in real-time.



Everything is hosted here and the world class skill-sets are all home-grown – all these are capped by global certifications to underscore Rack Centre as a Tier III scalable data centre.


“A Tier III certification of sustainability means you are concurrently maintainable such that if you took a component out at different levels of the data centre, you can service them, and not bring the data centre down so that the services continue. Real-time and security cannot compromised. Your assets are secure here at Rack Centre,” said Managing Director of Rack, Centre Ayotunde Coker during a courtesy visit by the Ag Director General of National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Dr. Vincent Olatunji to Rack Centre’s facilities in Ikeja, Lagos.



“It is encouraging to see such heavy investment in physical facilities and human resources. The quality of this centre and the global recognition for your skill sets here underscore the fact that you have the capacity and you are ready for the country and for the world. I believe there’s need for deeper engagements to see where government; the public sector and private efforts such as yours can be utilised for national development,” said an impressed Olatunji.


Rack Centre started operations in October 2013. It is a carrier neutral data centre.

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