Kids Digital Library - KDL

The classroom will no longer be a brick and mortar affair. And knowledge will always now be just a click away. We have brought that click closer home with Kids Digital Library – KDL.

The KDL mobile app is available on Google Playstore for free download. It comes with a trial 14 days account before paid subscription allowing you to continue access the KDL resource.

It’s not a wonder that technology is disruptive in how solutions are tailored to suit various sectors. In recent times we’ve seen the boom in edtech and how elearning soared during the lockdown period.

In Nigeria, elearning is gaining momentum with daily adoption in schools and tertiary institutions for remote learning. Narrowing such technology for kids have to be precise in delivery as most parents tune to YouTube kids and likes. But we can ignore the content specifics based on our curriculum in Nigeria or the big effects of ads popping with redirects that shifts the attention kids elsewhere.

The challenge is now providing a digital library for kids between the age of 1-15 with suitable contents for educative and creative learning, cutting out irrelevant ads and better interaction with learning materials and tools.

We created the right platform in a simple mobile app just for this purpose, introducing the Kids Digital Library (KDL)!

KDL is a kids friendly app with curated educational and creative contents for kids between the age of 1-15. Our goal is to provide a unique blend of learning with fun for kids. Our digital  video and book library houses contents from various topics in Science, Mathematics, English, Health, Language and more. Parents can easily download the app from Google playstore and register an account for their kids. KDL is a subscription based app with a 14 days free trial for new users, subsequent subscriptions can be done for 3 months, 6 months or an annual subscription of NGN 5,000 only.


Features like watch later, autoplay next, play from last stop and much more are available for users.

Progressively we plan to add more contents from Nigerian creators focused on education. Also we’ll be adding features like game and preparatory tests for kids.

KDL is co-founded by hubs dot ng team lead, Itopaking David, as it’s  chief technology office and other independent education experts. The KDL team is opened for collaboration with schools and creators to better provide quality contents for the Nigerian educational system. Our goal is to be a unique reference for most or all topics in the Nigerian educational curriculum.


For more information or reviews kindly call or drop us a message of WhatsApp on +2348031552560.

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