With their newly launched flagship, PHANTOM X, TECNO’s premium flagship smartphone reshapes the future landscape of design in smartphones with inspiring imagination.


TECNO Unwraps PHANTOM X As Brand-New Flagship With Elegant Design, Extraordinary Camera
TECNO To Re-Define PHANTOM As A Flagship Sub-Brand

TECNO PHANTOM is specially created for exceptional individuals that aspires for great designs presented with elegance and class. Designed for the future, the gorgeous and elegant artistic finish of the PHANTOM X tells an inspiring story, and calls for users to “be bold, be extraordinary”.

Extraordinary Elegance- 3D Borderless Screen with Waterfall-like Visual Beauty

PHANTOM X embraces unique design with the 3D borderless screen. The design of the device’s curves derive inspiration from the beauty and efficiency displayed in nature. Some of the most subtle perspectives of the design like the curves in PHANTOM X can present an unexpected gratification of artistic imagination. Unbounded by bezels, the 3D borderless screen features a large bending angle up to 70°, making text and images blend seamlessly into infinity around the edges of the device. The finest AMOLED display projects a streamlined and fluid vision of the world around you, and from the side view, the elegant borderless screen triggers an image of a spurting waterfall, spectacular and curvaceous. Without any compromise, the 3D borderless screen conveys the extraordinary craftsmanship, design, and elegance of the PHANTOM X.

Bold Ambition – Market Leading Silk Glass Surface Etched Texture

PHANTOM X offers the industry’s leading curved glass surface etched texture design. The back cover of PHANTOM X has forgone a series of rigorous testing and manufacturing procedures, using self-developed formulas with no less than 48 production processes and the double etching technology. First etching focuses on vertical lines and the second on AG (Anti-Glare) textures which led to a 44% lower yield rate than products of same class without etching technologies. The result gave a mesmerizing mix of “silky delicacy” and “glass like sparkle” along with the lightness and breathability of its properties making it more relaxed and soft to the touch. The persistence in pursuit of greatness resulted in the bold ambition becoming a reality with the creation of the extraordinary PHANTOM X.

Extraordinarily Ergonomic with 36.5° Curved Angle Design

To ensure the perfect balance of elegant design and ergonomic comfort, PHANTOM X derives inspirations from daily life, imagining the enjoyment of being at the wheel of a luxury car or the experience of travelling First-Class. PHANTOM attempts to mirror this feeling for its users with its unique design. After numerous tests and studies, PHANTOM have found that mobile phones fit best in users’ hands with a curvature between 30-40°. The design team responsible for the creation of the PHANTOM X undertook various ergonomic tests and found the perfect angle of 36.5° projected a streamlined and fluid vision as well as a great feel in the hand.

Artistic Colors Inspires Bold Creativity – Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Monet’s Summer

Colors have different associations beyond the simple visual impact. After numerous colour tests, PHANTOM X came up with 2 artistic colors: Van Gogh’s Starry Night Blue and Monet’s Summer. These were chosen to inspire users who love to connect with the world, challenge the ordinary, imagine innovation and explore endless possibilities. Van Gogh’s Starry Night brings a stellar display of the mysteriously nebulous sky that is tailored for extraordinary elites and thoughtful leaders. Monet’s Summer is a display of warm and exuberant colors, a perfect style for bold explorers and enthusiasts.

When Inspiration Meets Exploration

With inspired and highly efficient designs of PHANTOM X, everyone is inspired to be the best version of self. Eoin Dillon, the fashion designer and founder of luxury loungewear brand Reuben Avenue, shared about his life attitude, “If you feel good, you project the best version of yourself. Being bold and efficient about what I do is really exciting. I strive to be a challenger and pioneer, never do ordinary.” Indeed, lots of the designers’ creative work and communication hinges on mobile technology. “The PHANTOM X is a phone that allows me to create but also to stay in touch with people.” Eoin added.

The organic UI design of PHANTOM X features certainly help with this. With improved clarity of app icons and overall page layout, PHANTOM X enables users stay focused where their attention needs to be. What’s more, the pure OS also contributes to a more fluent and flexible working pace, inspiring users to explore more opportunities boldly wherever, whenever. When extraordinary future designs meet efficiency, PHANTOM X becomes an unreplaceable companion in your life.

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