Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Professor Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami has urged member nations of the Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO) to be proactive in pursuance of the organisation’s objectives.

Professor Pantami spoke Sunday 5th February at the on-going second General Assembly in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The participants at the DCO’s 2nd General Assembly are discussing on how to enhance collaboration, diversity and prosperity in the digital economy sector.

Pantami, who is a founding member of the Organisation’s Council, decried the current approach of tackling challenges as they occur but canvassed for a more proactive approach to issues.

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“I want to encourage all member states and most importantly the leadership of the DCO on the need to be proactive. Most of the member states are developing countries and we need to change the trend to ensure that we are not just consumers in the digital economy sector but rather we are actively among the manufacturers, developers and innovators,” the Nigerian minister.

Adding: “The fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is all about ‘proactiveness’. No country in the world will develop its digital economy by maintaining a consumer status. We have the opportunities and potential to change the narrative and position ourselves as leaders in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, therefore, we must encourage innovation, manufacturing and development”.

According to a statement by Pantami’s Senior Special Assistant Media/Spokesperson, Uwa Suleiman, “the Digital Cooperation Organisation of which Nigeria is a founding member, is aimed at bridging the digital and gender divide.”


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