Orange Cyberdefense, one of the leaders in cybersecurity services in Europe, and Pradeo unveil the result of their collaboration aimed at systematizing mobile endpoint protection within their MicroSOC Mobiles offering for businesses in France.

Micro-SOC, Orange Cyberdefense’s range of managed detection services that enables holistic protection of organizations’ information systems in a seamless manner, now incorporates threat detection on mobile endpoints, as well as their qualification and incident response.

“Given the current cyber threat landscape and the high demand from our clients, it seemed important to us to expand our detection and response capabilities on mobile endpoints with a sovereign solution for businesses in France”, explains Xavier Warnier, Micro-SOC Product Manager at Orange Cyberdefense.

Pradeo’s solution was chosen for its dedicated mobile capabilities, detection reliability, and advanced remediation options. Furthermore, its interoperability was crucial in its integration into the MicroSOC range.


Mobile Attack Monitoring

Employees’ mobile devices represent a prime target for cybercriminals due to their direct access to sensitive professional data. Without adequate protection, they are responsible for numerous data breaches.

Pradeo’s Mobile Threat Defense solution protects millions of mobile devices worldwide. On these devices used in a professional context, Pradeo detected an average of 9 critical incidents per mobile per year in 2023.

Among these incidents, the most recurrent are phishing attempts received via email, SMS, or through applications (messaging, QR code reader, etc.), as well as spyware applications siphoning users’ data for resale purposes, and malware committing data theft and fraud.


“All businesses can acquire Micro-SOC Mobiles. We rely on the expertise of Orange Cyberdefense analysts for support and implementation of a turnkey offering that meets strong customer demand”, emphasizes Stella Zaouche, VP Global Channel at Pradeo.

 Decompartmentalizing cybersecurity

Breaking down silos and automation are now the keys to a reliable cybersecurity strategy. A SOC, whether internal or fully managed externally, implements these two aspects and thus positions itself as the most effective weapon to withstand all cyber threats targeting organizations.

The Micro-SOC range from Orange Cyberdefense, by unifying the capabilities of specialized and complementary solutions, leverages the best of each editor it comprises to ensure a secure digital environment for its clients. This collaboration with Pradeo is an innovative and concrete response to the new cyber needs of organizations regarding mobile protection.


To actively participate in this market evolution, the Micro-SOC Mobiles detection and protection solution has been specially designed to seamlessly complement the environment of SOC teams and contributes to enriching the threat intelligence of Orange Cyberdefense’s CERT.

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