Chiniki Guard, 247Medic startups are GITEX 2019 Supernova

By Nwakaego Alajemba and Clara Nchekwube Aghasili -Lingo

Two of Nigeria’s startups have made the list in the GITEX 2019 Supernova Semi-Finalists category bringing them inches closer to the Ai Everything Supernova Challenge grand slam $100,000 prize. The two Nigerian startups are Chiniki Guard and 247Medic.

Thousands of startups from more than 90 countries are featuring in the GITEX 2019 Supernova with hordes of venture capitalists, angel investors, accelerators and a portfolio of fund and investments firms with an eye on disruptive ventures.  

Getting into the semi-final list puts a startup within the radar of global investors and could be a game changer for any startup.


247Medic is a telehealth and digital healthcare platform that is streamlining the business of getting well through an efficient and effective healthcare ecosystem for patients and doctors.

247Medic offers users a simple, easy-to-use and time-saving access to healthcare facilities and practitioners. The platform connects organisations, governments and patients to doctors/hospitals, pharmacies, insurers and laboratories and offer ability for onsite medical test at the comfort of user’s home or office. It operates 24/7.

The platform different aspects which include: doctor voluntary services, medical laboratory services that allow for online request for medical test of all kinds, connect merchants (pharmaceutical stores and hospitals) within range to patients, online (Instagram, facebook telegram, etc) community connected to thousands of clinics, doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic centres and labs across Nigeria with the unique ability to send patient’s medical information to these facilities in real time via text or email.


Chiniki Guard leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor a human activity; it is a recognition service that provides real-time update by analysing a video feed. It helps to detect and instantly prevent crimes or violations. The video analysis software can easily classify what action a shopper is taking, suspicious actions are flagged and reported instantly.

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