By Oluwatobi Opusunju


Government has said it will be deploying  state of the art mobile equipment to enforce spectrum compliance and curb the excesses and operations of fake users of spectrum.



The Minister of Communications , Barr. Adebayo Shittu who made this known during a forum in Lagos, said effective monitoring of spectrum will help the country with intelligence gathering and further help security agencies to beef up security and safeguard citizens lives and properties.


Shittu said the ministry has issued and renewed a total of 668 licenses within a year and has generated about 500 million naira for the government from these spectrum licenses.



“Government intends to secure a state of the art mobile equipment that will be deployed to enforce compliance and also enable the detection, location and blocking of illegal users of spectrum,” he said .



“Effective radio spectrum monitoring would assist with intelligence gathering and support the  security agencies in enhancing security and safety of citizens and the nation in general,” he added.


“In the area of spectrum management, the Ministry of Communications has issued and renewed a total of 668 licenses from November 2015 to September 2016, thus generating about 500M as government revenue,” said Shittu.


Additionally, he informed that the  government has licensed 6 slots of the 2.6 MHz Spectrum in order to deploy 4G-LTE services and also commenced licensing of broadband services on the 5.4 spectrum band.


“Government has licensed 6 slots of the 2.6MHz Spectrum for the deployment of 4G-LTE Services. In the same vein, processes have commenced for the licensing of Broadband services on the 5.4 GHz spectrum band and the allocation of 70/80 GHz band (E-Band),” he said.

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