Nigeria has emerged as a top 5 market in the world for MetaMask in terms of users and on January 31st, ConsenSys, a market-leading blockchain technology company, will announce its newest initiative, MetaMask Learn.

MetaMask Learn provides an interactive and live-simulated environment that will help onboard those new to self-custody safely onto MetaMask, and guide users through the most common topics to help them get started in Web3.

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Recent systemic shocks in the crypto ecosystem have undermined investor trust in custodial platforms, however there is still a lack of understanding of the alternatives to custodial solutions.

A recent survey consulted by Morning Consult and commissioned by MetaMask among 1505 crypto holders in the US, found that three quarters of respondents did not know or were unsure of what self-custody was.


The platform will be available in 10 languages at launch, providing education to users worldwide, many of which currently have high levels of inflation or large unbanked populations. The MetaMask Learn syllabus will guide users through topics such as: What is Web3, What is a crypto wallet, The Era of Digital Identity, Why self-custody is amazing, NFTs and creators, and Decentralized Finance.

This news remains under embargo until January 31st at 10AM EST but MetaMask would like to offer you one of the exclusive early-access previews to the platform to test it out yourself. Let me know if you would like a preview, more information or if you would like to speak to Taylor Monahan, Product Lead of MetaMask, and I would be happy to arrange a call.

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