The Innovation Support Network (ISN) has elected the Chief Executive Officer of nHub, Theodore Longji, as its new Director of Ecosystem.

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Longji, ecosystem and product expert, emerged from a keenly contest election at the just ended AGM of the ISN which held in Abuja.

As the director of ecosystem, Theodore will play a crucial role in fostering innovation and collaboration within the ISN community, a network of over 130 innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship hubs across 25 states in Nigeria.


“I will actively engage through regular meetups and regional events. Considering that engagements and events are the lifeblood of any ecosystem, the lack of them can be a serious snag in our growth and collaborative efforts,” said Longji in Abuja shortly after being elected into the ISN’s management team.

According to many members of ISN, Longji’s victory is a testament to his dedication and expertise in ecosystem building. His experience as the CEO of nHUB, a renowned hub for tech startups, positions him well to lead and support the growth of the ecosystem.

“Under Theodore’s leadership, we can expect to see exciting developments and initiatives that will further strengthen the ISN ecosystem. His vision and passion for nurturing innovation will undoubtedly drive positive change and create opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups,” said one member of ISN.


ISN was originally formed by 75 hub owners to create a not-for-profit organization which supports the ecosystem with policy advocacy among others.

Since its establishment, the ISN has helped in driving innovation and entrepreneurship by supporting member hubs through policy advocacy; creating linkages between corporates, academia, funders and development partners, as well as promoting structures that drive hub sustainability.

The annual gathering is one of the highlights of the ISN activity calendar and brings together member hubs and other key ecosystem stakeholders for learning, knowledge sharing, capacity development, and networking.


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