The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) has affirmed its commitment to collaborating with the Ondo state government to instill a culture of data protection while simultaneously generating employment opportunities for the youth in the state.

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Dr. Vincent Olatunji, the National Commissioner/CEO of NDPC, disclosed this during a meeting with the Deputy Governor of Ondo state, Olayide Adelami, at the commission’s headquarters in Abuja on Friday.

The purpose of the Deputy Governor’s visit was to explore potential areas of cooperation between NDPC and the state government to foster development in Ondo state.

Adelami expressed the government’s dedication to youth empowerment, highlighting the importance of equipping young individuals with the necessary skills for the modern workplace. Recognizing ICT as a crucial sector, he proposed the training of thousands of young graduates in Ondo state as data protection officers, recognizing the vast opportunities in this field.

Dr. Olatunji commended the Ondo government’s initiative to leverage data protection for the empowerment of its youth. He emphasized the shortage of data protection officers in Nigeria, with only 10,000 out of 500,000 available positions currently filled.

Acknowledging the significance of data protection, Dr. Olatunji underscored the potential repercussions of unauthorized data access, including reputational damage, financial loss, and even loss of life. He appreciated the Deputy Governor’s understanding of these implications and welcomed the proposed collaboration to address this issue.

The collaborative effort between NDPC and the Ondo state government aims to promote a culture of data protection, enhance capacity, and create employment opportunities within the state. This partnership signifies a significant stride towards leveraging data protection for youth development and governance improvement, ultimately contributing to the advancement and prosperity of Ondo state and Nigeria as a whole.



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