N-Soft is set to revolutionize revenue mobilization in Burundi, a nation of just over 13 million people with a 4.0% growth rate, through the imminent deployment of the Gambling Management System (GMS), its disruptive governance solution for the gambling sector. Because of the lack of transparency in the industry, millions of dollars in revenue go unreported and untaxed every year.

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However, up until now, the national authorities have not had the governance technology needed to calculate earnings with any degree of accuracy. That’s why this partnership marks a significant collaboration between N-Soft, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Commerce in Burundi.

The implementation, set to commence in the upcoming weeks, will empower the Loterie Nationale du Burundi (LONA) as the principal user, which oversees eight existing gambling providers within the country. This project will unfold in two phases, focusing initially on lotteries, online platforms, sports betting, and horse racing, followed by an expansion into casino operations, encompassing slot machines.

Reflecting on this transformative moment, Léa NGABIRE, the General Director of LONA, stated, “The implementation of N-Soft’s technological governance solutions to oversee the gambling sector in Burundi is a key step in our revenue mobilization strategy and in the restoration of our digital sovereignty. We are confident that we can now achieve our objectives.” This endorsement from a top official highlights the critical role of N-Soft’s intervention in setting new standards for governance practices within the country.

The size of the African gambling market is estimated to reach USD 2.14 billion in 2024 and USD 3.72 billion by 2029, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.62% during the specified period (2024-2029). This surge underscores the increasing demand for sophisticated revenue mobilization solutions, positioning N-Soft as the go-to partner for states seeking to harness the full potential of their gambling sectors.

N-Soft’s Gambling Management System (GMS) is at the forefront of this revolution because it’s designed to extract, process, load, and certify critical data, including player sign-ups, game outcomes, and jackpot distributions. By accurately calculating revenues generated from bets, wins, and operator profits, N-Soft ensures comprehensive visibility into every facet of gambling activities, from sports wagering to instant-win scratch cards.


N-Soft is renowned for its quick time-to-value, consistently achieving rapid implementation in just 13 weeks engendering value for users swiftly, providing thorough team training for seamless operability, and ensuring sensitive data remains secure with local storage solutions. Further still, N-Soft offers payment plans to meet the unique needs of each nation, including a results-driven model based on actual revenue mobilized with the solution.

For the DRC, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, and several other nations, N-Soft’s innovative solutions extend far beyond mere regulatory compliance and revenue enhancement. They also serve as a pivotal solution for extracting economic intelligence and establishing digital sovereignty. By offering in-depth insights into the gambling sector’s dynamics, N-Soft empowers governments with the data needed to make informed policy decisions, fostering a more transparent business environment.

This strategic approach also positions these nations as attractive destinations for foreign investments. Investors seeking transparent, stable, and well-regulated markets will find reassurance in the robust digital governance frameworks established by N-Soft’s technologies. Consequently, N-Soft is not just facilitating regulatory oversight but is also laying down the foundational pillars for sustainable economic growth.


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