Metro Digital SLTV has recorded a significant surge in subscriptions, with a 30% increase between April and May 2024. This growth follows Multichoice’s recent price hike, indicating a notable shift in consumer preferences.

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Dr. Ifeanyi Nwafor, Managing Director of Metrodigital Ltd., aims to scale up subscriptions for SLTV to compete against major players and contribute to Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings. Speaking in Abuja, Nwafor highlighted the ongoing structural economic changes under President Bola Tinubu, predicting positive outcomes soon.

Nwafor outlined plans to create thousands of jobs for Nigerian youths, with new dealers emerging nationwide.

“Each dealer will have their own installer, and offices will be opened accordingly. SLTV will help create many jobs and foster innovation. The success will also generate foreign exchange earnings for the country,” he stated.


He emphasised Nigeria’s progress in the global creative sector and expressed optimism about similar growth for the indigenous payTV industry.

“The impacts of the current administration’s policies and changes may not be immediate, but they are the right steps. I believe that in the near future, Nigerians will begin to see the results,” Nwafor added.

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