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MDX-I, a subsidiary of MainOne that will be responsible for the management of its newly launched data centre has said it is important for major companies in the country to leverage on outsourced data center services.The company said leveraging on data centre will help them to drive down costs and optimize operational efficiency.


MainOne’s Head of Marketing, Jumoke Akande believes that the recent macro-economic issues in the country and fluctuating global oil prices should push companies to explore cloud and other data center hosted-business applications for enhanced productivity at reasonable costs.



“While we can say IT managers in Nigeria are adopting to withstand economic pressures and reduce costs, it is important to speedily adopt cloud based and data centre services,” she told stakeholders at a breakfast seminar targeted at senior level IT managers to discuss strategies for companies that require improved data centre capacity.



The session revealed valuable global insights from leading IT Research Company, including the International Data Corporation (IDC), and global cloud specialist, EMC2 Corporation, in addition to specialists from MainOne.They make case for businesses to colocate in commercial data centres which offer extraordinary levels of performance, as against building in-house data centre facilities from the ground up.

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